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Multispares uses Jaltest Diagnostics to enhance servicing game

Five years ago, spare parts supplier Multispares entered into a distribution agreement with diagnostics brand Jaltest. The pair’s partnership has grown rapidly since as the latest diagnostics technology is helping revolutionise the spare parts game

It’s been 47 years since Multispares first started providing spare parts for heavy vehicles such as trucks and buses. As it nears its half century in Australia, it has sought to expand and improve by venturing into the diagnostics space.

In February 2017, Multispares first began selling Jaltest Diagnostics units as part of a distribution agreement emanating out of New Zealand. In the six years since, Multispares has revelled in selling the aftermarket multi-diagnostic tool to Australian heavy vehicle operators.

“This tool has been so handy because it can run diagnostics for everything in commercial vehicles, trucks, trailers and buses,” Multispares technology service manager Blair Rundle told ABC.

“It also works on light commercial vehicles, including smaller minibuses and 10-passenger vehicles.”

Jaltest’s diagnostic tool is based around connecting to the majority of vehicles from around the world, including Europe, Asia and the US. Rundle has been working with Jaltest for the past year and says the modular nature of the program makes it ideal for a range of operators to diagnose any issues with their fleet.

“Customers can purchase Jaltest technology as a bus-only system or as a full commercial offering for numerous types of vehicles,” Rundle says.

“What I like is that they can also choose to make it a system suited to a bus and a light commercial segment, giving customers the chance to tailor the diagnostics tool to their own operations.”

Since Multispares first agreed to distribute Jaltest Diagnostics products, Jaltest has kept its systems updated three times a year. The development of technology in the diagnostics space means Jaltest has also been able to ensure its units work on a Cloud-based portal to help operators store more information.

Rundle says this comes in handy when it comes to keeping important data on electrical and pneumatic diagrams as well as any previous fixes of faults in a certain vehicle.

In essence, diagnostics tools like Jaltest’s are fitted into a fleet network and are able to identify most faults with a vehicle, allowing owners and operators to perform maintenance tasks without keeping the impacted buses or coaches off the road for too long.

Blair Rundle

Prior to joining Multispares, Rundle’s experience has been with technology supplier WABCO. When comparing the two, Rundle says Jaltest’s latest diagnostics capabilities “take technology to the next level”.

“These Jaltest systems have diagrams and pictures of components it’s connected to,” Rundle says.

“Sometimes it can show photos of a faulty component and directs the operator to where the part may be fitted on the vehicle. It takes diagnostics to a whole new level in a very simplistic way for the customer.”

The latest models of Jaltest Diagnostics units are so easy to use that Rundle says anyone who can navigate a laptop can use the system to diagnose most faults on a bus or coach. Since distributing Jaltest technology, Multispares has helped boost both companies in the diagnostic world.

The partnership between the two means Jaltest’s system has now been developed to cater for the staff shortage in workshops across various industries. The diagnostics tool can now take over more workload, using improved technology to find more minute faults in vehicles that inexperienced workers may not notice.

“Such is the quality of these diagnostic tools, I’d say that a workshop trying to diagnose without a multi-diagnostic tool is basically wasting its time and money,” Rundle says.

“As an aftermarket distributor of spare parts for buses, trucks and commercial vehicles, we find that diagnostics comes hand-in-hand with what we do, as identifying what’s wrong with a vehicle often precedes supplying the spare part for it.

“Multispares is neither a diagnostics company nor a supplier – we’re a one-stop shop for identifying what’s wrong in vehicles and supplying the part at a competitive price nationally.”

Rundle says some of the more popular functions on the Jaltest Diagnostics systems include being able to do a DPF burn on vehicles and cleanse them of issues, while programming injector codes have also been well-used.

Maintenance resets is also made easy by the multi-diagnostic tool. Combined with what Rundle describes as “a very good dashboard” that can show live data, the total Jaltest package is clearly an emerging tool for operators to use to monitor vital senses and keep a range of vehicles, including the latest in zero-emissions models, well-maintained and efficient.

“For workshops wanting to make the most out of diagnostics, the partnership between Multispares and Jaltest is second to none when it comes to keeping vehicles on the road,” Rundle says.

“Our relationship is very strong and we work together to grow overall diagnostic capabilities.

“Customers like how easy Jaltest Diagnostics tools are to use and the accuracy of the diagnostic information.”

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