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May bus and coach deliveries go to the next level

2024’s Australian bus and coach deliveries continue to maintain a high level with another successful month of orders

An amazingly consistent year to date of bus and coach deliveries in Australia has been taken up a notch, with May’s deliveries leading the way in 2024.

With previous months staying consistent in the 130s, May capitalised on April’s strong numbers and surpassed the 150 mark, with 154 deliveries made in the month.

The major brands came to play in May, with Volvo once again dominating the chassis market with 49 deliveries for the month. Scania shot back up into second place, having its best month of the year so far with 40 deliveries recorded in May. Yutong slotted back to third with 20 units delivered, forming a strong top three. After the leaders came I-Bus with 10, who stayed clear of Custom Denning, Mercedes-Benz and MAN, who all sat together with six deliveries apiece. From there, BYD had five deliveries, while BCI and BLK couldn’t be split with four each and King Long (three) wrapped up the deliveries alongside Challenger (one).

No surprises came in a busy month for the bodybuilder market, with Volgren reaching new heights with 64 deliveries made in May. It was more than three times ahead of the next best Yutong (20), who snuck ahead by one to beat out BCI (19). From there, Irizar, I-Bus and Custom Denning all recorded 10 deliveries each, with BLK (six) and Nexport (four) sticking clear of the final five brands that shared 11 units.

It was no surprise that such a major month of deliveries would mean McConnell had a productive month, with the seating giant recording 72 May deliveries. Sege impressed with 35 units to take out second spot, while Yutong rounded out the leading trio with 20 deliveries. StyleRide remained consistent with 11 deliveries, keeping one ahead of APM (10), with King Long and Fainsa finshing the market for the month with three deliveries apiece.

Usual rhythms were disrupted in the May air-conditioning sector, with Coachair taking out the honours for the month ahead of the market leader in Thermo King. Coachair recorded a wonderful 50 deliveries, with Thermo King closely following with 42. Cling-Yutong trailed the leading pair with 20 units, while Valeo (13) kept its nose ahead of both Hispacold and Songz (10 each). MCC ticked along once again with five deliveries, with King Long (three) and Spheros (one) rounding out the month.

It was yet another month of Victoria taking out the state-based deliveries battle, with the southern state recording 54 deliveries in May. The productive month saw it fight off Queensland, who rose to the challenge and recorded 41 deliveries. NSW (28) and Western Australia (27) could barely be separated, with the pair completing a dominant group of four who led the way. Following them were South Australia (three) and the ACT (one) finalising the deliveries for the sector.

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