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March deliveries hit record high

It may have been a slower February for deliveries, but the temporary trough has been hit out of the park by a record March

Superb deliveries results in January have been replicated after a quiet February, with March’s statistics for buses and coaches delivered in Australia reaching all-time highs since the COVID-19 pandemic first hit the world.

February’s drop-off to 73 deliveries has been more than doubled in March, with 156 deliveries being recorded for the month in an amazing increase.

When it came to chassis, a perennial leader of the market flexed its muscles and returned to the top in a big way. After languishing to start the year, Volvo proved why it is such a big name in the chassis market, recording an astounding 67 units delivered in March, well ahead of the second-placed Mercedes-Benz (18). Scania has had a good start to the year and continued it with 17 more deliveries for March, while Yutong (13) and Denning (10) both recorded double figures for the month. Not far behind was King Long (nine) and I-Bus (seven), while BCI stayed narrowly ahead of BYD and MAN (three apiece) with the five deliveries and BLK and BusTech Group rounded out the diverse market with two units each.

Following some surprise results to start the year in the bodybuilding game, market heavyweight Volgren returned to the lead in resounding fashion in March. After Yutong took out honours to start 2023, Volgren recorded 55 deliveries for March, shooting well clear of the next best Irizar, who improved to 19 deliveries. Custom Denning also improved to 18 deliveries, while BCI (15) and Yutong (13) both had productive months. Both King Long (nine) and I-Bus (seven) remained consistent with their chassis sales and Supportrans (five) got its name on the board ahead of Express Coaches and Coach Concepts (three apiece). The final nine deliveries were shared between five companies in an even finish.

If Yutong’s seating dominance was a shock to start 2023, old habits resumed with the resurgence of McConnell. The seating giant shot back up the leaderboard with an eye-popping 69 deliveries for the month, well ahead of the next best but improving Sege (27). Just behind Sege was the consistent StyleRide with 26 units, while Yutong (13) maintained its consistency ahead of King Long (nine). In a secluded market, the final deliveries were snatched up by APM (seven) and TST (five). 

Thermo King returned to form in February and it exploded in March, with 58 deliveries keeping it clear on top of the air-conditioning market. It more than doubled the next companies, with Hispacold (20) and Coachair (20) both recording good months to remain locked in equal second. Cling-Yutong was next with 13 deliveries, keeping just ahead of Valeo with 12. King Long (nine), Denso (eight) and Songz (seven) could all barely be separated, while Spheros (five) helped contribute as MCC (three) and Konvekta (one) rounded out the sector.

When looking at the state-based rivalry, the maroon of Queensland was replaced at the top by its State of Origin rival. New South Wales shot to prominence, recording 42 deliveries, or 27 per cent of the market. Queensland wasn’t far behind, falling to third with 37 deliveries, as Victoria stormed into second place with 39.Western Australia increased its deliveries to 30 units, or 19 per cent, while South Australia (four), Tasmania (three) and the ACT (one) all remained on the board in a busy March.

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