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MAN to release electric chassis globally

The bus manufacturer is set to release an adaptable electric chassis into the global market

MAN Truck & Bus will soon offer an electric bus chassis for the global market in a world-first for the manufacturing company.

In a first step, MAN will offer the eBus chassis as a two-axle vehicle for use as a low-floor, low-entry and intercity bus (high floor), while bodybuilders can develop their electric buses on this basis.

The chassis is based on technologies from the Lion’s City E, which is already in use in many European countries and for which, according to the company, a total of over 1,000 orders have been received to date.

MAN says the aim is to further advance environmentally friendly mobility and make traffic in cities all over the world even cleaner, quieter and safer.

The central engine on the rear axle comes directly from the Lion’s City E, and the core of the battery technology (based on developments from the VW Group) is also already known.

This applies at least to the NMC battery with a cathode made of lithium, nickel, manganese and cobalt, while the new e-chassis MAN will also offer an LFP battery.

MAN says this new option is cheaper but enables a lower range due to its lower energy density.

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“Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for all our customers to get started with electromobility,” MAN head of bus engineering Barbaros Oktay says.

“And we can do this with a product that is safe, reliable, has a long range and is extremely flexible.”

MAN Truck & Bus says it is working with its global network of body manufacturers to serve markets in Asia, Africa, South America, Australia and New Zealand, with the first prototypes of MAN’s eBus chassis are to be delivered in 2023, while the start of series production is planned for 2024.

MAN will first offer the eBus chassis as a two-axle vehicle for use as a low-floor, low-entry and intercity bus (high floor).

“This is particularly interesting for countries where left-hand traffic prevails and MAN buses already characterise the street scene. These include Singapore, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand, among others,” Oktay says.

By 2040, sales of zero-emission buses are expected to rise to over 80 per cent of the global market.

MAN head of business unit bus Rudi Kuchta says: “To meet this demand and make an important contribution in terms of sustainable mobility, we are now offering the MAN electric bus solution for international markets outside Europe with our eBus chassis.”

“With the chassis, we are giving bodybuilders from all over the world the perfect basis for their fully electric models.”

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