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Luminator prepares to unveil new technology suite to Australian operators

Luminator Technology Group is once again improving its capabilities in Australia with the release of a new technology suite for local operators

It’s been a bit over 18 months since the Australian arm of Luminator Technology Group began rolling out the brand’s globally sound passenger information next-stop solution to the local Australasian market.

In late 2022, Luminator also took the chance to release its new rear vision camera mirror systems, offering improved driver safety for local customers.

It’s kept Luminator Australia senior manager of operations Anthony Goodman busy in the months since. Now, a combination of this technology is set to introduce Luminator’s next stage of growth in Australia.

“The Luminator brand has been associated with high-quality products in both the destination and passenger information equipment space,” Goodman told ABC.

“We have an extensive range of destination signs and passenger information screens that are lighter and have very low power consumption, making it perfectly suited to assist OEMs to meet the zero-emissions transition.”

The Australian arm of Luminator is now taking its next step down under, introducing a new suite that is set to combine various functionalities into the one system. Globally, Luminator has brought the system to market, with Australia now the next region to see Luminator’s new dashboard web-based solution in action.

“The suite operates with each of the functions as a one-system web based solution,” Goodman says.

“With our new combined solution ready to go, we’re interested in expanding further into other states and territories.”

The concept of a combined suite system emerged when Luminator globally wanted to provide a one-stop shop for all of its leading capabilities. The idea was for the suite to combine the main functions that Luminator provides into one clear dashboard for the customer.

Prior to the suite system, Luminator offered all of its range as individual solutions for operators, with separate systems pertaining to content management, presentation creation and fleet management.

“Over the past two years, the Luminator development team has combined these features together to have them all present and communicate with each other on the one platform,” Goodman says.

“This provides essential control for the operator, with all functions being handled through a browser to control all information via a web-based application.

“It combines system administration, operation, maintenance, content management and our presentation creator into the one system.”

Goodman says the benefits of this centrally controlled browser are endless. To start, it makes operating Luminator’s systems convenient, reliable and verifiable. By monitoring all related Luminator equipment on-board a bus or coach, customers don’t have to worry about their technology when the suite is running.

Through the single web-based platform, customers can look at the proof of play for ads or programming content played on Luminator displays, while remote access means control centres at operator depots don’t have to physically chase a bus to deploy certain media.

“It can all be deployed through a remote access, meaning presentations, advertising and videos can be sent directly to certain vehicles without them needing to return to the depot,” Goodman says.

“The headquarters then have access to all of these devices and their functionality through a single, easy to use application.”

Goodman says a key part of the system is its reliability, as it meets all necessary security standards for data protection. With two-factor authentication (2FA) also part of the server, the system surpasses cyber security requirements.

The system can also be multi-tenanted. Currently, Luminator customers have the brand’s equipment attached to a single computer at a depot. Now, the updated suite allows multiple people at the depot to have access to the system and make changes when required.

Image: Luminator Technology Group

Although it’s an exciting new update to Luminator’s Australian equipment catalogue, the system has been tried and tested globally.

“It is something new for the Australian market and we’re excited to have conversations with operators on their requirements to ensure our solution suits them,” Goodman says.

“Now that we’ve got this system in Australia, it can be built on as it’s very modular. Operators will be able to choose the modules they want, so we’ll keep it flexible for them.”

The combined new Luminator suite is fully supported through the brand’s global technical development centre, which provides training or support for any customers in need of help. Goodman says this dedicated team provides the product development support required to ensure the system is always updated to the best possible version for bus and coach customers.

“To see Luminator globally moving forward with its product range and keeping up to date with customer requirements is exciting to see from an Australian perspective,” Goodman says.

“From a customer point of view, a lot of them will have Luminator products on their buses that will be compatible with this system. It’s now up to the integration and upgrading of bus technology to bring them online onto our combined suite.”

This Luminator suite isn’t the only new update to be extending to the Australasian region. Goodman says the brand’s new camera mirror system has been introduced locally to provide an updated piece of driver safety technology.

“From a driver safety perspective, the camera mirror system has really hit the market and become very attractive for operators, particularly in Queensland,” Goodman says.

For drivers, Goodman says this latest version of the mirror system provides yet another boost to safety. It’s this basis of safety and flexibility that is allowing Luminator to expand its capabilities for Australian operators.

“For the driver, it eliminates blind spots for drivers compared to standard mirrors,” Goodman says.

“It also has automatic brightness control that is certified against critical standards to produce a very clear image at all times.

“With its own self-diagnosis fitted in case a fault occurs, the system also features enriched contrast and colours to ensure there’s no glare from the sun or headlights.

“This modern technology is very relevant and timely. We hope it’ll be a popular product for operators wanting to take their safety and technology capabilities to the next level.”

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