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Luminator continues testing technology in Australia

The Australian arm of Luminator Technology Group is rolling out its globally sound passenger information next-stop solution and releasing its new rear vision camera mirror systems to the local market. With technological breakthroughs underway, Luminator is excited about the latest range it can offer customers Down Under.

The global technology group prides itself in supplying the transit industry with passenger information systems, rear vision camera mirror systems and CCTV. After previously trading as Mobitec, Luminator has been supplying and supporting the Australian and New Zealand market since 1995.

“The Luminator brand is associated with high-quality products in the destination and passenger information equipment space,” Luminator Australia senior manager of operations Anthony Goodman told ABC. “We are keen to continue our long standing relationships with the various OEMs and bus operators to provide a consistent solution for the end user.

“We have an extensive range of destination signs and passenger information screens that are lighter and have very low power consumption compared to previous models. This also assists OEMs to meet the zero-emissions transition occurring in the industry.”

With a decent market share in Australasia, Luminator is aiming to expand its coverage locally.

“Our development team continues to make advancements in technology and is constantly looking at new products for the market that will revolutionise the passenger information display sector,” Goodman says.

The passenger information systems market is heading into an exciting time of technological breakthroughs. Luminator is ensuring it’s at the front of the curve in Australia. Currently, the technology group has a system that can be either manually updated through its standard controller or automatically through remote systems to provide information to buses.

This means operators don’t need to be signed up for costly monthly subscriptions if they don’t require it. 

Luminator is also positioning itself as a reliable distributor of its solution in Australia. As a global strategic member of the ITxPT association, Luminator is involved and at the forefront of this open architecture standard.

“As a strategic partner with ITxPT, our systems are compliant with their guidelines,” Goodman says. “Any innovation surrounding ITxPT involves Luminator to ensure compliance and the standardisation of hardware, protocols and data formats.”

The association enables open architecture and data accessibility between IT systems in the public transport sector. It also ensures high-quality systems, like Luminator’s latest releases, remain compliant.

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“We’re finding that transport authorities are starting to ask about the integration of our systems within their buses, because Luminator has the solutions out in the market to meet requirements,” Goodman says.

Over the years, Goodman says bus mirror technology has progressively changed. The latest leap into rear vision camera mirror systems by Luminator showcases the most recent stage of its evolution.

Following a successful Bus & Coach Expo, Luminator is distributing its new product around Australia.

“We have recently extended our agreement as the local Australian distributor for the European and ADR fully certified rear vision camera mirror system,” Goodman says. “The system, ‘Smart Vision by Safety Tech’, goes on buses and coaches. This market leading solution, with more than 7,000 systems in service globally, is proving to be very popular with operators, particularly when it comes to driver safety and driver blind spots removal.

“We’ve started introducing it for Victorian and Queensland operators. We’ve received really positive results from drivers, which is very encouraging. This is one of the only fully certified solution available in the market and it therefore fully endorses the safety enhancements promoted by industry stakeholders.”

Goodman says Luminator is now promoting and marketing the product in Australia. The larger field of vision, enhanced ergonomics and the quality of images are only some of the outstanding features it offers.

Goodman says removal of lateral blind spots along with glare and reflection adds to the quality this product provides the drivers. In future, he says it will also offer the driver with a cyclist and pedestrian detection system with warnings directly integrated into the rear vision mirror system. This will allow users to optimise the driver environment while answering the latest recommendations from the state safety department.  

“We’ll continue focusing on the whole solution as a passenger information systems provider,” Goodman says. “We’re keen on being aware of the market and seeing what we can successfully introduce to benefit our customers.”

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