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LibertyBus trials zero emissions bus in Jersey

Jersey operator LibertyBus is currently trialling a new Yutong E9 electric bus in the Channel Island with the help of Pelican Engineering

Jersey bus operator and Kelsian Group subsidiary LibertyBus has announced it is teaming up with Pelican Engineering to present a new state of the art zero-emissions bus to the island of Jersey.

The new bus is on trial from January 23 to 25, having arrived on the morning of Monday January 23 to commence out of service trials across all routes.

LibertyBus is based in Jersey, which is the largest of the Channel Islands between England and France, while Pelican is a fourth-generation, family-owned business located in Castleford, West Yorkshire.

Pelican is the sole importer of Yutong buses and coaches into the UK and have been trading for the past 104 years.

LibertyBus says it will analyse data on energy consumption charging requirements and manoeuvrability to the Island bus routes, with the vehicle being fitted with electric air conditioning to allow passengers excellent comfort throughout the year.

The Yutong E9 bus is fully zero-emissions and is 8.9 metres long with a passenger capacity of up to 62 people and 23 seats.

The vehicle is electrically driven, using a single drive motor which is powered by CATL 255 kWh batteries. This means that the vehicle can complete more than 195 miles (roughly 314 kilometres) on a single charge.

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The batteries have industry leading battery safety fitted as standard. Charging is completed using DC CCS2 charge guns, allowing compatibility with other electric vehicles – such as BMW I 8. The vehicle can be fully charged within two hours.

“We are honoured to be working in partnership with such a forward thinking passenger transport provider as LibertyBus,” head of Yutong UK Ian Downie says.


“The benefits of our vehicles are that they are tried, tested and proven around the world. Not only are they zero-emissions, but they also have unrivalled passenger comfort, including full air conditioning. This will encourage the travelling public to leave their cars at home use public transport, further decarbonising Jersey.”

LibertyBus director Kevin Hart says: “We are excited about trialling the electric bus on the Island. The Yutong E9 is a great little bus and we can’t wait to share the results of the trial with the government of Jersey.” 

“On the morning of January 25 between 9.30AM and midday, the bus will be on show outside Liberation Station and we invite the community of Jersey to get on board and take a look at the zero-emissions bus.”

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