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Less than 50 days to go until 50 cent fares in QLD

The trial will kick off on August 5 and will last six months

The countdown for Queensland’s cheapest public transport fares is on, with less than 50 days remaining until the trial kicks in.

Public transport fares will be temporarily slashed to 50 cents in an effort to alleviate congested roads and provide cost of living relief.

Kicking off from August 5, the six-month trial will apply for all public transport regardless of distance.

Queenslanders will be able to travel on bus, train, ferry, tram, on demand services in South East Queensland, and all regional urban buses for just 50 cents.

In a first for the state, transport minister Bart Mellish says the initiative will be saving Queenslanders hundred of dollars.

“Whether it is going to save someone more than $100 per week on their work commute, or just a few dollars here and there, this trial means money will stay in the pockets of Queenslanders,” Mellish says.

“The rollout of Smart Ticketing is making it easier to pay for your journey, and the trial of 50c fares will make public transport more affordable.

The Queensland government says public transport use has never returned to pre-Covid levels, which has contributed to congestion on roads and caused a headache for commuters.

Significantly reducing the cost barrier to public transport could encourage more people to leave the car at home, leading to a reduction in road congestion.

A single bus will see 50 cars off the road while a train will take 600 cars off the road.

“These investments and initiatives are designed to get more people onto public transport which will help to reduce congestion,” Mellish says.

“Whether you’re a frequent public transport user, a first timer, or coming back after a break, there has never been a better time to jump on-board.”

Customers will still need to ‘tap on’ and ‘tap off’ for their journey using Smart Ticketing, a go card, or by purchasing a paper ticket, in order to access the reduced fare.

A list of the Translink services in your region can be found online.

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