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Latest Hanover products draw on passenger information prowess

The Australian arm of Hanover Displays is drawing on more than 35 years of experience and technology with its latest array of passenger information system products

Hanover Displays has quickly become a global leader in passenger information systems. Operating since 1985, Hanover’s global headquarters are in the UK, with subsidiary offices in Australia, France, Spain, Germany, Italy, the USA and Hong Kong.

Supplying more than 10,000 customers in over 80 countries per year, Hanover Displays also has a second production facility in Chicago, Illinois for the US market.

Hanover Displays Australia director Fiona Watson says the high quality of product has been a key driver for the brand’s global growth.

“Hanover’s commitment to innovation and quality ensures that our products stand out in the global market,” Watson told ABC.

“We have the ability to quickly develop and manufacture products in-house, working closely with our customers.”

Watson says 38 years’ worth of industry experience and financial independence has allowed Hanover Displays to produce a continuous product line for bus and coach operators.

Its passenger information systems are backed by customer support and innovation, with ongoing service being central to its offering.

Hanover Displays’ current technology range starts with an extensive array of LED destination displays.

“Hanover’s customer-focused approach allows us to quickly develop and supply new sign sizes to meet specific customer requirements,” Watson says.

Image Supplied: Hanover Displays

“Our signs are robust as well as easy to install, use and maintain. Hanover’s in-house production and quality assurance is unrivalled in the market, with warranty terms offered being longer than other suppliers as a standard feature for all LED destination signs.”

Alongside this, Watson says the LED destination displays also come with automatic brightness adjustment to reduce power consumption. Programmed using Hanover’s proprietary Windows-based software, the sign system supports messages in a variety of fonts and languages.

Now, Hanover has innovated on this popular product, unveiling high-resolution LED destination displays that offer up to 20 times the resolution of an existing standard LED display.

“The sign looks like it’s painted on, it’s quite amazing,” Watson says.

“The company recognised the need to develop a high-resolution display for the premium public sector, allowing transport companies to enhance the presentation of their preferred font styles and individual brands on their destination display systems.”

Watson says clever filters on the toughened glass screen maintain excellent legibility in all conditions, with the signs showing images and animations alongside destination messages.

Just like Hanover’s G4 range, the new high-resolution displays also come in amber or white monochrome, with the option to add a colour route number.

“We recently installed a high-resolution sign at a depot in Sydney,” Hanover Australia managing director Grant Watson told ABC.

“Workshop staff as they walked past stopped in their tracks and just stared at the sign, amazed at how great it looked and how clear it was.”

On top of this, Hanover has also released an EG4 destination controller designed to streamline transit operations through its touchscreen graphical user interface.

The controller can provide for a variety of interfaces and has built-in audio output for high-quality on-board voice announcements.

The last main part of Hanover’s passenger information systems prowess lies in its new multimedia TFT screens that provide clear onboard passenger information.

Important for both passengers and operators, next stop and this stop information is included on the latest smart TFT screens, which are available in 18.5”, 21.5”, 29” and 37” sizes alongside clever mounting options for side-by-side and back-to-back installations.

Fiona says the TFT screens are typically used to display stop names and to inform passengers of their current location, and can be triggered by GPS, door status signals, stop request buttons and other inputs.

“The image on the screen is so clear, and our customers can display a wealth of information, including news feeds, updates and advertising space,” she says.

As a global and well-established manufacturer of passenger information systems, Hanover Displays is known for its innovative and high-quality products, alongside its excellent customer service and industry-leading warranties.

Fiona says the Australian subsidiary of Hanover Displays oversees operations in all of Australia and the team is happy to help with any enquiries.

“Customers choose Hanover because we deliver on our promises and make the process for them effortless,” she says.

“Our software is also user-friendly, which our customers truly value.”

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