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Kolumbus puts autonomous bus to the test in Norway

The Norwegian public transport authority says the bus has so far passed every test presented since being introduced

Norway public transport authority Kolumbus has announced it has deployed an autonomous bus in regularly scheduled traffic. 

The bus was initially tested on a short route in southwestern Norway city Stavanger from spring 2022. Since December 2023, it has been moved to a route that presents lane changes in heavy traffic along with driving at higher speeds. 

Kolumbus says the current goal is for the bus to operate at speeds of up to 50km/h. 

“We believe that self-driving buses will be an important part of the future public transportation system,” Nøkling says. 

“It will reduce costs, increase traffic safety and be an answer to the lack of bus drivers, which already is a huge issue. 

ADASTEC CEO Ali Peker says he’s excited the bus has been introduced onto a new route in Stavanger. 

“At Adastec, we’re not just about advancing technology – we’re about ensuring that every journey is safe, dependable and accessible,” Peker says. 

“Our partnership with commercial vehicle manufacturer Karsan has enabled us to integrate our advanced SAE Level-4 Automated Driving Software into top-tier electric buses in the production line, setting new benchmarks for public transport.” 

ADASTEC chief technology officer Kerem Par says its flowride.ai platform has helped the bus navigate parts of the previous route, such as an 800m tunnel while travelling at 40km/h. 

Par says the achievement highlights the seamless integration of its technology with Kolumbus and Norway government-owned railway company Vy’s operational expertise. 

“We are proud to lead this charge, driving the development of automated buses that are integral to the infrastructure of intelligent, sustainable urban environments,” Par says. 

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