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Kinetic’s First Nations recruitment program launches in Melbourne

The Kinetic program aims to attract First Nations people into a variety of transport careers

Following a successful introduction in North Queensland last year, Kinetic’s Moving the Mob program has now expanded into Victoria.

A flagship program dedicated to opening career pathways for First Nations people, Moving the Mob is aimed at recruiting trainee bus drivers and attracting more First Nations people into the transport industry.

“We’re really excited to bring Moving the Mob to Melbourne, and attract new talent into roles in customer service, bus driving and our workshops,” Kinetic’s future workforce manager Moana Matthews says.

“There are so many rewarding career pathways in transport and this program helps us reach more people in the local community.”

The success of Moving the Mob in Queensland has paved the way for a national roll out, with Melbourne’s launch the first in the southern states.

“We’ve seen some great outcomes from Cairns and Townsville, and we’re now embedding the program as a business-as-usual initiative across Kinetic,” Matthews says.

There are already numerous professional bus drivers on the road after completing the program in Cairns and Townsville.

“What’s important is we engage the right stakeholders locally and ensure the program is introduced in a meaningful and sustainable way,” she says.

Increasing First Nations representation is a key sustainability priority for Kinetic, with a target of reaching four percent representation in its workforce by 2030.

Programs like Moving the Mob were instrumental to reaching this target according to Kinetic’s Australia managing director Matt Campbell.

“What makes me most excited about Moving the Mob is the connections we’re creating within the community,” he says.

“We’ve gone on a journey of understanding and learning about what meaningful influence we have as an employer, and now we’re seeing the reward of a more diverse workforce reflective of the communities we serve.”

Kinetic is currently developing its Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) as part of its ongoing commitment to strengthening partnerships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, stakeholders and communities around Australia.

If you’re interested in learning more about Moving the Mob in Melbourne, register your interest here.

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