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Kinetic sends 30th zero-emissions bus onto Melbourne streets

Kinetic now has almost one new zero-emissions bus hitting the network every month.

Only two years after launching its first electric bus into service on Melbourne’s metropolitan bus network, Kinetic has now sent its 30th zero-emission bus onto the streets.

Providing a quieter, greener, and more comfortable journey over almost 2 million kilometres across 16 metropolitan routes, Kinetic now has almost one new bus hitting the network every month.

The vehicles are among an initial commitment of 36 new electric buses Kinetic is introducing across Melbourne by mid-2025 as Victoria targets achieving net zero emissions by 2045.

“This is about getting more people out of cars and onto public transport, and here we are two years later and there’s a lot to be proud of,” Kinetic Co-CEO Michael Sewards says.

“Electric buses are now a common sight in Sunshine in the city’s west, and St Kilda down by the bay, and we’re seeing the impact on customers and communities—and our drivers love driving them.”

The electric buses are powered by electric depot facilities in Sunshine West and Heatherton which underwent significant electrification and infrastructure upgrades within 12 months of Kinetic commencing operation of the Metropolitan Bus Franchise (MBF).

The MBF encompasses a third of Melbourne’s public bus network with 1300 people and over 530 buses moving over 20 million people across 50 bus routes.

Last month Kinetic announced it had grown its electric bus fleet in Australia and New Zealand to over 300 across 10 electric depots. Through its UK subsidiary Go-Ahead, Kinetic also has a further 1,000 zero emission buses in operation or on order.

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