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Kinetic introduces real-time CCTV to all Melbourne buses

The new CCTV technology will help keep Kinetic’s Melbourne bus network safer for passengers and drivers

Major bus operator Kinetic has announced it is rolling out real-time access to CCTV camera feeds on board its buses to improve safety for passengers and drivers on Melbourne’s bus network.

The technology gives the team at Kinetic’s state-of-the-art Operations Control Centre (OCC) the ability to access a live feed from CCTV cameras inside and outside the bus when a driver presses the emergency call button.

Being able to access this vision in real-time gives Kinetic’s OCC team the ability to immediately assess a developing situation and provide back-up and appropriate advice to drivers, including requesting support from emergency services when a medical emergency occurs.

The technology, which will be installed across all Kinetic’s Melbourne fleet, has been funded by the Victorian government and delivered in partnership with the Department of Transport and Planning.

Kinetic co-CEO Michael Sewards says the safety upgrade would help encourage more people to choose public transport.

“We know we need to give people a reason to choose public transport, and this is one of numerous initiatives we’ve introduced to give people more confidence to ditch the car and catch the bus, and feel safe and comfortable doing so,” Sewards says.
“We’ve seen how our Customer Service Officers are changing the way people perceive catching the bus, and this is another positive investment allowing us to better manage the network so people can get to where they need to go quickly and safely.”

The technology has a range of benefits including locating vulnerable passengers such as people with dementia or missing children and helping quickly locate items left behind on buses. It also helps reduce escalation of incidents by reducing the driver’s need to verbally communicate with OCC to explain the situation in front of a passenger displaying anti-social behaviour.

The new technology allows controllers to instantaneously and remotely access pre-recorded footage – such as immediately after a traffic accident – giving them a more detailed and immediate understanding of the nature of the incident so they can more effectively manage such situations.
Kinetic’s OCC also monitors traffic conditions, weather, bus locations and delays impacting the fleet. Each day staff monitor more than 4100 trips with the centre’s advanced capability enabling them to deploy Customer Service Officers (CSOs) and On Road Network Supervisors where they are needed most to assist customers and improve the customer experience.

The new initiative is just one of a range of initiatives Kinetic says it has introduced to improve the customer experience, including dedicated CSOs on both its Victorian and Queensland networks and the roll out of zero-emissions buses.

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