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Keolis Downer opens Brisbane’s first all-electric bus depot

The converted Brisbane depot now has 16 electric buses all powered by 100 per cent green energy

The Queensland government, in partnership with operator Keolis Downer, has delivered 16 electric buses to the North Lakes depot, creating Brisbane’s first all-electric bus depot.

The Hornibrook (Keolis Downer) North Lakes bus depot has been converted from diesel to fully electric, with the buses to be powered by 100 per cent green energy.

Keolis Downer CEO Julien Dehornoy says this cements the company’s commitment to accelerate the energy transition with large-scale deployments.

“We are proud to partner with the Queensland government to deliver the first depot to be fully converted to electric in North Lakes,” Dehornoy says.

“Electric buses are providing a more sustainable transport option for the Northern Brisbane communities.”

The electric bus services have been operating since July 2023 out of Brisbane’s first all-electric bus depot. Keolis Downer says customers have been able to enjoy the difference on board the zero emission buses, in particular a more comfortable ride, due to the absence of engine and exhaust noise.

The feedback received is extremely positive, stating that the bus ride is smooth and quiet.

This is also Brisbane’s first all-electric bus depot with a biodiesel-ready backup generator to make sure buses keep running even if the grid is down, ensuring no impact to services.

Image Supplied: Keolis Downer

“After six months of successful operations, we are delighted to see that our customers appreciate smoother rides,” Dehornoy says.

“Our drivers have also mentioned that they are extremely comfortable to drive and ride in, and the quietness is fantastic while driving.”

Keolis Downer operates more than 1,300 buses across four states and will be transitioning several depots and more than 300 buses to electric in the coming years.

Acting Head of Translink Peter Milward says the Queensland government is committed to a sustainable public transport network.

“We’ve made a commitment that all Translink-contracted urban buses in South East Queensland will be a zero-emission vehicle from 2025, but it’s great to see some of our delivery partners already transitioning to zero-emission bus fleets ahead of that timeframe,” Milward says.

“It’s great to be here to see the fully-electric depot and 16 electric buses in-person.

“Seeing how quiet and comfortable the buses are, it’s no surprise to me that Hornibrook Bus Lines is receiving a lot of positive feedback from its customers.”

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