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INIT Group widens its charge management appeal to the global stage

Following the recent growth of INIT in international bus and coach markets, public transport operators in various nations are using the brand’s MOBILEcharge solution

Across the world, a growing number of public transport operators are beginning to implement electric buses and increase their zero-emissions fleet.

In order to ensure these new-age vehicles continue to run on time and to schedule, they need to be sufficiently charged and pre-conditioned courtesy of a charge management system such as INIT’s MOBILEcharge.

In just a few weeks, three public transport operators from around the globe have gone with INIT’s solution, with companies in Belgium, Senegal and Israel now using MOBILEcharge.

Société des Transports Intercommunaux de Bruxelles/STIB Brussels in Belgium, DAKAR MOBILITÉ in Senegal and Ayalon Highways Tel Aviv, in cooperation with the Israel Ministry of Transport and Road Safety, will use MOBILEcharge to control and monitor their charging processes.

Image: Dakar Mobilite

The project in the Senegalese capital of Dakar is the INIT Group’s first project in Africa, which means that, with the exception of Antarctica, INIT is now successfully operating on all continents.

These projects will not only increase sustainability in public transport in those regions, but they will also help to change cities in a sustainable way.

In Dakar, operator DAKAR MOBILITÉ is in the process of electrifying the public bus network with the help of a bus rapid transit project while at the same time creating measures to combat congestion and pollution.

Approximately 150 electric buses will be deployed by 2025, saving 59,000 tonnes of CO2 annually. In the long term, Dakar wants to charge its bus fleet using 100 per cent solar energy, which is the first project of its kind on the African continent.

In Israel, hundreds of charging points for electric buses will be connected with the smart charge management system in a joint project with the Israel Ministry of Transport and Road Safety and Ayalon Highways.

Step by step, numerous charging points will be integrated in the depots throughout the whole country.

Société des Transports Intercommunaux de Bruxelles (STIB), one of the largest public transport operators in Belgium, has also signed a framework contract for MOBILEcharge. Over the next 10 years, up to 1,000 vehicles and 500 charging points from various manufacturers will be integrated there.

INIT says MOBILEcharge is already being used by many companies in Europe and the USA for smart charge management.

However, these companies not only rely on this powerful tool, but also on INIT’s and INIT group member CarMedialab’s expertise when it comes to implementation. The company has made a name for itself in setting up and connecting complex system landscapes and is committed to interoperability and is intensively involved in the development of open systems and interfaces.

With MOBILEcharge, INIT says new and existing customers trust in a proven solution that guarantees cost-effective charging and ensures that buses are always available on time, sufficiently charged and pre-conditioned while also avoiding expensive load peaks.

To intelligently manage charging processes, the brand says that the charge management system should be connected to the MOBILE-DMS depot management system, which is where information is available about planned blocks for the next day and associated charging requirements.

MOBILEcharge is part of INIT’s integrated product suite for electromobility, eMOBILE. This comprehensive overall system covers all the operational requirements of e-mobility and ensures that e-buses are introduced economically and operated efficiently according to INIT CSO and deputy CEO Dr. Jürgen Greschner.

“The decision makers for ambitious future projects in Brussels, Dakar and Tel Aviv have chosen INIT Group solutions for the electrification of their bus fleets,” Greschner says.

“We are delighted that they have put their trust in us and we look forward to supporting them and other companies in the development and operation of their electric bus fleets.

“With these orders, the INIT Group is helping pave the way for sustainable mobility and continues to be at the cutting edge of electromobility”.

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