Safety authorities call for LSM Technology solutions

By: Sean Mortell

With bus rollaways an important safety issue, state authorities recommend safety systems like LSM’s Sentinel RollStop® vehicle anti- rollaway and park brake fail safe system to stop any uncontrolled movements in buses.

Safety authorities call for LSM Technology solutions
Recent investigations have seen recommendations made for technology such as LSM's Rollstop solution

Transport authorities across Australia are calling for buses to implement safety mitigation technology like LSM Technology’s solutions to prevent rollaways and other transport dangers for buses.

Transport for New South Wales (TfNSW) is leading the charge in mandating park brake failsafe and anti-rollaway solution-buses following a spate of truck rollaway issues reported in the past few years.

A recent NSW office of transport and safety investigations review into bus rollaways resulted in both the TfNSW and the Northern Territory’s WorkSafe branch recommending the use of safety technology like LSM RollStop® solutions to limit the danger of rollaways for the nation’s bus fleets.

According to the bus safety Victoria bus rollaways research for Victoria alone, 47 bus rollaways have been reported in 2000 that have caused injuries or fatalities to drivers and passengers, as well as damage to infrastructure, homes and vehicles.

The study says the predominant cause is the handbrake not being engaged, resulting in uncontrolled bus movements when the driver leaves or leans out the vehicle.

Other conditions that can cause uncontrolled movement include where the air tank disengages the parkbrake as it is pressurised during vehicle start or where the driver may exit their seat due to a sudden distraction.


LSM Technology provides safety mitigation solutions to these rollaway issues integrated into LSM Sentinel® (pat.pend) VSS vehicle safety system, an Australian-designed, developed and made vehicle safety system that provides a world-first integration of numerous safety mitigation devices.

The integrated LSM RollStop®  anti-rollaway and park brake fail safe control works to actively prevent rollaways occurring when the driver isn’t in full control of the bus.

Data from the LSM Sentinel® (pat.pend.) and the LSM RollStop® mitigation control is also provided via LSM’s FSM® fleet safety and tracking manager, providing a remote telematics and online back to base system for alerting, reporting and analysing events and compliance in all buses fitted with the technology.

By installing the FSM® solution, LSM’s world-first technology can monitor an entire fleet of buses and ensure all vehicles are safely protected against rollaways and uncontrolled movements.

Both TfNSW and WorkSafe NT are recommending fleet owners and operators to consider installing these solutions to ensure buses remain safe when not engaging the park brake.

The demand for safety technology to limit uncontrolled movement and rollaways in buses is only increasing, as the TfNSW mandates their TS160 bus door safety systems technical specification from December 2021, requiring all NSW buses to have rollaway safety technology installed before January 2023.

With its LSM Sentinel® (pat. pend.) VSS system and LSM RollStop® technology, LSM Technology’s suite of safety mitigation solutions makes it an attractive choice for bus operators looking to avoid becoming another rollaway statistic.

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