Bus only sections on O-Bahn

Dedicated bus only lane markings will feature on Adelaide’s O-Bahn as part of the $160 million O-Bahn City Access Project


Work will start early this month, with lanes implemented between the end of the busway at Gilberton and the cross-city priority bus lanes on Grenfell Street.

The lane markings are designed to reinforce the intended use of the bus lanes installed along Hackney Road as part of the O-Bahn City Access Project, improving travel times and reliability for users of the O-Bahn and reduce city traffic congestion – particularly on the Inner Ring Route.

Dedicated bus only lanes feature a red painted outline and a red and white bus only message.

The lanes will be operational upon completion of the markings.

Motorists face a maximum penalty of $2500 for driving in a red bus only lane. The fine does not apply when travelling for up to 100 metres in sections marked with white lines only.

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