Mobileye: Enhancing driver safety

Cutting-edge technology promises to enhance driver safety, reduce risk and lower vehicle-operating costs

Mobileye: Enhancing driver safety
Bus operators are already embracing this technology, with ComfortDelgro Corporation Australia (CDC) equipping over 1000 buses across their NSW and VIC fleets with the Mobileye Advanced Driver Assistance System

The bus industry is now able to harness the benefits of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems and collision avoidance technologies.

Head over to your local car dealership (pick any brand) and you’ll notice that two or three models in their range will include collision mitigation technology.

Each automotive brand has their own unique name for them, but collectively they’re known as Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS).

Essentially, these systems use the latest in sensor and artficial vision technologies to constantly monitor the road ahead and aim to assist the driver in preventing collisions.

With varying levels of integration, some will apply the brakes. But the most common are less intrusive and will simply alert the driver, with a visual and/or audible tone or vibration in the steering column.

Global studies have shown that up to 93 per cent of all collisions are caused by human error, with up to 80 per cent attributed to distraction.

Governments are calling distraction an 'epidemic'. Today’s drivers are faced with unprecedented forms of distraction.

Compounded with increased traffic and more urgency in our hurried lives, it’s no wonder our accidents rates are higher than we’d like.

ADAS technologies have been developed to assist drivers. Acting like an extra set of eyes that don’t get distracted or tired.

An insurance study by AXA Winterthur found that an early warning system that gave the driver two seconds of forewarning could prevent virtually all rear-end collisions.

Naturally, a reduction in risk and fewer accidents equates to lower vehicle-operating on-costs, with reduced downtime, injury, repairs etc.

Bus operators are already embracing this technology, with ComfortDelgro Corporation Australia (CDC) equipping over 1000 buses across their NSW and VIC fleets with Mobileye – an aftermarket ADAS solution that can be retrofitted to a vehicle of any age–bringing even their oldest buses up-todate with the latest safety technology.

Mobileye is the global leader in ADAS and autonomous vehicle technology using artificial vision, recently acquired by Intel Corporation, and the supplier to 25 auto manufacturers.

The aftermarket solution is distributed and installed nationally by FleetSafe.

Features & benefits of ADAS:

• Headway Monitoring – provides the driver with constant visual indication of the distance to the vehicle ahead and a tailgating alert should they get too close. Keeping a safe following distance not only reduces the risk of a rear-end collision, but also ensures the
car ahead doesn’t have your company logo enlarged in their rear-viewmirror. Not the type of advertising you want.

• Forward Collision Warning – gives the driver up to 2.7 seconds forewarning before an impending collision with another vehicle or motorcycle. Allowing more time to react.

• Pedestrian Collision Warning – alerts the driver to a potential collision with a pedestrian or cyclist up to two seconds ahead

• Lane Departure Warning – alerts the driver if the wheels unintentionally cross over the lane lines without the use of a turn signal.


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