Pokémon Goes on tour

By: Chris Thompson

South Australian Kanga Coachlines are in with a chance to capitalise on the latest craze

Pokémon Goes on tour
People of all ages have been out in public catching the small digital creatures. Photo: Matthew Corley / Shutterstock.com

It’s hard to ignore the incredible popularity of the augmented reality mobile game, Pokémon Go, as people of all ages have been out in public catching the small digital creatures.

Despite its success, the dangers of driving and playing Pokémon are becoming more apparent, and an Adelaide photographer has come up with a solution.

Poké Bus is the work of Benjamin Liew, a professional photographer from Adelaide, who is hiring Kanga Coachlines for the specific purpose of touring the city to play Pokémon with likeminded fans.

Because of Pokémon, a strange new opportunity has arisen for Kanga CEO Julian Roeger.

The sheer popularity of the game – which has overtaken apps like Instagram and Twitter – means operators could benefit from the need to travel while playing the game.

Roeger says the Pokémon tour is an odd move for him, but he’s happy to take on something new.

"I think it’s a bit of a fad thing at the moment, I don’t know how long it’ll last, so I’m not sure if bus tours will become a big thing," Roeger says.

"Even if it’s just one time, or a couple of times, I’m happy to do the job."

Liew says this week’s inaugural tour could kick of a new way for people to hunt the electronic monsters.

"The best thing about this is that it will hopefully be an awareness raiser, because I’d like to do this again," Liew says.

"I’ve heard vague rumours of party buses being used in the US, but nothing about a specific Pokémon tour."

Liew says Kanga were the most receptive to his idea, citing their willingness to make a specific bus available for his tour.

"Kanga actually have a brand new coach with USB ports, which was a huge priority for me."

While buses could prove valuable to the Pokémon community, Roeger says many coaches might not be up to the task.

"I don’t know how many people would be able to do a job like this."

"Not many operators have buses fitted with USB ports, which was something Ben specifically requested."

Despite the uncertainty, Liew says if all goes well he will be a repeat customer for Kanga.

"They seem keen to do this with us, there were a few concerns but they’ve managed to sort it all out.

"If all goes well, I would like to keep using Kanga as the operator of choice for the tours."

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