Myki flaw fixed: PTV

A band-aid solution has been found for a major myki glitch that blocks cards due to payment issues

Myki flaw fixed: PTV
Myki flaw fixed: PTV

June 20, 2013

Plagued with problems, criticism and controversy since its introduction, the myki ticketing system is still being amended, with changes to auto top-up payment processing one of the latest improvements made.

Faulty machines and computer glitches have been high on the list of problems identified with the public transport ticketing system, which in late 2012 completely phased out Metcard as metropolitan Victoria’s only valid ticketing system.

An overarching
complaint from commuters has been
problems with
auto top-up failures resulting in blocked cards.

But Public Transport Victoria (PTV) yesterday issued a statement saying cards will no longer be blocked from use if an auto top-up payment fails.

According to the PTV, from June 24 the auto top-up amount will be reversed from the card, meaning commuters can continue to travel as long as they have a positive balance.

"If we reverse the top up from your myki and it sends your balance into negative, you will need to top up to a positive balance in order to travel," the PTV statement says.

So, when an auto top up payment fails and a commuter’s auto top up service is cancelled, to continue to use auto top up they will need to set up auto top-up again.

However, they will need to allow 24-48 hours from
when their auto top-up payment was reversed before attempting to set up the service again.

Commuters have been told, after the waiting period a message will appear in their online accounts confirming auto top-up settings have been cancelled and providing a link to set up auto top-up again.

A commuter will know an auto top-up has failed when PTV sends an email noting the auto top-up will be reversed the next time the smartcard is touched on.

Also, when touched on at a myki reader, the screen will flash red and display the message ‘top-up reversal’ if a top-up fails.

Myki machines will update cards by reversing the auto top-up, and commuters can use a machine or a myki check to view transaction history.

Meanwhile, from July 1 commuters will also be able to get free on-the-spot replacement myki cards at staffed stations.

The balance on old cards will be transferred to the new ones as part of the replacement process, but may take up to 24 hours to appear on new cards.

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