Greyhound 'tunnel-ready'

Greyhound will be among the first coach operators to regularly use Brisbane’s Airportlink M7 tunnel after the August opening

Greyhound 'tunnel-ready'
Greyhound ‘tunnel-ready’

By David Goeldner | June 20, 2012

Greyhound Australia will be among the first coach operators to regularly use Brisbane’s 6.7 km Airportlink M7 tunnel when it opens in August, despite the tunnel’s inclusion of free flow tolling.

A Greyhound spokesperson says ticket prices would not increase on Greyhound services using the toll tunnel after the toll-free period expires later this year.

Greyhound Australia s General Manager of Public Affairs Tony Hopkins says the Airportlink M7 tunnel would save up to 20 minutes on its busiest routes from Toowoomba to the west, and to destinations north of Brisbane.

"Several of our major routes will be affected when the Airportlink M7 tunnel opens, making it a huge boost for regular travellers, business travellers and tourists," Hopkins says.

"We will use it at all times and across all our relevant timetables."

Hopkins says the tunnel is a piece of infrastructure that will ‘work as it should’ and will be a huge advantage for Greyhound.

Greyhound’s Toowoomba to Brisbane Airport service is one of the operator’s busiest routes, and with the advent of the Airportlink tunnel will cut the trip to Brisbane’s International airport to under two hours.

"It could be as quick as an hour and 45 minutes when combined with other road upgrades that are on the way – it could be even less," Hopkins says.

"That’s a significant time saving, especially on a round trip."

Hopkins says sitting in Brisbane’s heavy traffic is not enjoyable for drivers on a deadline.

"This new tunnel will allow us to avoid the worst of the congestion and make our travel times much more predictable – that’s important for any transport business," he says.

"With no major airport in Toowoomba, people living or visiting Queensland’s southern inland city rely on Greyhound Australia to get them to Brisbane promptly and with minimal fuss.

"Reliable travel times will give those people more assurance as they travel."

Hopkins says the M7 benefits will be felt by passengers heading north as well.

"This is especially the case for tourists," he says.

"We will be able to cut half an hour off a round trip to Australia Zoo."

Hopkins says AirportlinkM7 will improve travel around Brisbane, and will benefit less talked about regions like the Sunshine Coast and Toowoomba.

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