Emissions reporting now mandatory for some operators

By: Jason Whittaker

Bus operators will now have to report and register their companies with the department of Climate Change if they use

Bus operators will now have to report and register their companies with the department of Climate Change if they use over 2.59 million litres of diesel per year.

The requirement is part of the National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting Act (NGER) which was passed in 2007 and applies to all types of companies who use over 100 Terajoules (TJ) of energy a year.

Organisations which use over 500 TJ a year, which is the equivalent to 12.95 million litres of diesel, will have to report under a different threshold.

To date 600 corporations have registered with the department, of which 5 percent of these are transport orientated companies.

While heavy fines ranging from $11,000 to $220,000 per day apply to companies which do not register their carbon usage, the department of Climate Change says it will take more of an educational approach during the first periods of the scheme.

"New legislation can present challenges, and this is why the Department is taking a facilitative approach to working with businesses to meet their requirements under the Act," a department spokesperson says.

"The department is encouraging companies to make their best endeavours to comply in the first year. If businesses have any difficulty, we want those companies to let us know so we can see where their challenges are and assist them to resolve those issues."

The Bus Industry Confederation (BIC) has released a short guide explaining NGER obligations for bus operators.

You can calculate your eligibility online using the NGERs (Greenhouse Reporting) calculator. CLICK HERE

The following is a link to more information about the reporting requirements:


The following link is a fact sheet on how to report:


You can report using the online registration application tool at the following link:


If you are still uncertain about how to report, please contact the Department of Climate Change.

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