YOUR SAY: Truckers hit out at ministers price hike decision

By: Jason Whittaker

ATN readers respond to the decision by transport ministers to increase truck registration fees and diesel excise. The only thing guaranteed

ATN readers respond to the decision by transport ministers to increase truck registration fees and diesel excise.

The only thing guaranteed will be increased costs. Nothing will be put back into roads or rest areas. They are full of it as usual. After 30 years as an owner-driver, the last 10 as a small fleet owner, I am ready to pull the pin and get a job.
Rod Anderson
Rod Anderson Haulage

Park every truck in Australia for two days, pay the drivers, no food, no fuel, no nothing. Let the bastards have their way but see who has the real power then. It might be pie in the sky but it would bring the governments to their knees and give the transport industry some real power it needs. I will park our trucks whenever every one else agrees.
Laurie Bowtell

When they price them out of business the motoring public will be happy but when they find their greens and groceries are not on the shelves when they want them they will realise trucks are a necessity. Why don't they hit the high flyers for more taxes instead of having them pay bugger all like they do now?
Rodney Seagrott

This is so stupid. All that will happen now is multi-combination loads will go onto semis, increasing the amount of load movements on the road. How they can say it will have minimal impact on costs is beyond me. Once again country people will bear the brunt on increased prices on everything, as truck companies cannot afford to absorb these costs on top of current fuel prices.
Ann Noakes
Glenbrae Hay Transport and Narrogin Freightlines

As a small bus (coach) operator, I find it offensive (but not surprising) that Labor wants to penalise the small bloke, yet again, for trying to have a go to stay off the dole queue. I can't ever see it ending until we are all bankrupt, out of work and totally reliant on the Labor Government. Good one.
Mitchell Walton

We have an opportunity, as an industry to show our anger in relation to these increases. But as usual within the transport industry most will whinge over the radio or at roadhouses but when it comes time to do something about it, as has been tried on previous occasions, most will just accept it and keep working. When Frank Black tried to get some action going in relation to Queensland's increase in logbook fines and demerit points, he couldn't get support. When this becomes national policy, once again, the industry will whinge that something should be done.
Mal Fraser

Albanese and the NTC don't have a clue in just how much each truck contributes in direct and indirect taxation. The average truck travels around 200,000km a year and in doing so pays about $150,000 in taxes levies and charges. If the new higher fees are charged along with the new fines and demerit points there will be a lot of trucks off the road and this will have a detrimental effect on the Australian economy. Our organisation will be recommending to all other groups and sub-contractors to shut this country down for two weeks if the government does not start to listen and address the problems we are having with the lack of facilities. All they do is tax us and supply no infrastructure.
Peter Schuback
Australian Long Distance owners and Drivers Association

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