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Industry bodies back LSM for tyre monitoring

Recent incidents of tyre and bus fires reiterates the importance of LSM Technologies’ tyre protection systems

Both the Bus Industry Council (BIC) and Transport for New South Wales (TfNSW) support LSM Technologies’ tyre monitoring systems as a way of mitigation rising bus and coach fires.

BIC’s Fire Advisory Report (2014) says tyre fires is a key safety issue facing bus operators, drivers, suppliers and passengers, with at least one bus every week currently experiencing a potentially fatal fire incident in Australia.

In their most recent investigative report in 2021, the Office of Transport Safety Investigations (OTSI) says that around 55 per cent of bus thermal events were confined to the wheel well.

TfNSW has also launched safety campaigns for bus drivers aimed to prevent tyre fires from happening and causing disastrous impacts.

Both bodies have chosen LSM Technologies’ tyre monitoring systems as a solution to the prevalence of vehicle fires.

BIC’s report says systems that monitor tyre pressures for high-speed bus operations while also advising drivers if tyres fail are necessary to keep operators safe, specifically pointing to LSM Technologies’ TyreGuard HDJ360 TMSystem for Buses and Coaches as a way of mitigating the risks.

The LSM TyreGuard TMSystems package uses a range to methods to protect wheel wells and warn drivers and operators against risks that can potentially lead to fatal tyre fires.

In 2017 TfNSW also showed its support for LSM’s life-saving-mitigation technology, selecting the LSM TyreGuard TMSystem as the main tyre protection on all of its public transport buses.

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Approximately 4,000 buses have had the system installed as part of a roll-=out of technology to prevent bus fires related to tyre and wheel well incidents from occurring.

This technology protects against locked brakes, incorrect tyre pressurisation and failed wheel bearing incidents by warning drivers when tyre pressure is low or when there’s a dangerous over temperature situation from the wheel well and rim.

The TyreGuard TMSystems provides the latest SAE tested and certified technology, as it’s an active technology that warns operators before a fire can start.

The FSM Safety (Tracking) Manager is another way bus and coach owners can protect their fleets against this rising danger.

These systems can combine together to increase tyre service life, enhanced braking and control, mitigate catastrophic tyre failure, reduce fuel usage and allow for compliance with bus standards and requirements.

To prevent a fatal fire from occurring on a bus, LSM Technologies’ TMSystems can provide the ideal combination of safety measures for tyres and wheel wells.

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