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Illawarra community to provide new bus layover site feedback

Wollongong residents have been offered the chance to give their thoughts on Transport for NSW’s proposed bus layover sites in the region

Transport for NSW has invited the Illawarra community to provide feedback on three proposed sites for bus layover operations.

NSW transport south region director Sam Knight says that the three preferred sites could service existing and future bus services in Illawarra.

“The three sites are proposed to co-exist in a multi-layover configuration in response to increased service planning, operational needs and to cater for future transport demands in the regions,” Knight says.

“NSW Transport reviewed more than 20 locations in collaboration with Wollongong City Council, Illawarra bus operators and the Transport Workers Union in order to deliver on all necessary requirements.

“These requirements include customer outcomes, layover capacity, vehicle access, route coverage, adjacent land use, driver safety and access to facilities.”

The three proposed sites include Wollongong and Oak Flats train station car parks and the Atchison Street carpark in Wollongong.

“Before we proceed with the next stages of the project, we want to hear what the community thinks of the three proposed sites.

“In the meantime, we will continue to work closely with key stakeholders including the Council, bus operators and the Transport Workers Union to refine details and to ensure we achieve the best outcome for this relocation.”

Knight says the project is being carried out in response to a request from the Council for a permanent relocation of the existing Wollongong bus layover, which is currently located near the WIN Entertainment Centre on Marine Drive.

Along with this, Knight says that relocating the bus layover would support the Council’s future vision for Lang Park.

“Bus layovers are an important part of bus operations to ensure our drivers are safe, have ease of access to necessary facilities between their services, and are also close to the start and end of bus routes,” Knight says.

“Transport for NSW hopes to use multiple sites to enable bus services to continue to grow and support the connection of people in Illawarra.”

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