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Hydrogen to save fuel

Innovative product that reduces diesel consumption in buses launched in Australia

Australian company HEMS Global has developed a new product that offers significant savings in diesel consumption and reduces emissions.

The organisation launched the Hydrogen-based Diesel Reduction System specifically for Australian bus and coach operators recently and is confident in its cost saving capability.

“Diesel will continue to remain a significant input cost against a backdrop of environmental and health concerns from diesel exhaust,” a statement from HEMS Global reads.

“Whilst there have been recent developments in alternative fuels, these solutions appear some years off being accessible and affordable for general businesses to adopt.

“By using this, fleet operators will see immediate savings on their diesel spend and improve carbon footprint.”

The system regulates the flow of hydrogen into the engine air-intake and can allegedly reduce diesel consumption of several bus engine types.

Trial results show older bus engines use an average of 28 per cent less and newer bus engines use an average of 21 per cent less diesel, with the hydrogen-based system applied.

The product can also cut Co2 emissions by up to 18 per cent and can easily be retro-fitted to most buses and coaches.

Its installation also has little or no impact on overall vehicle dimensions or weight.

The product is designed and tested to exceed Australian compressed natural gas standards and Road & Maritime Authority (RMS) included the HEMS Global system in their registration approval process late last year.

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