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HDrive shows electric minibus at Fully Charged

The latest Wisdom Motors electric minibus was successfully put on display at Fully Charged recently as HDrive plans to open it to orders in Australia soon

Distributor of Wisdom Motors zero-emissions heavy vehicles HDrive has successfully shown its latest battery electric minibus model at Fully Charged Sydney.

HDrive is the exclusive distributor of Wisdom Motors’ range of zero-emissions vehicles in Australia and New Zealand, among other countries.

The EV70 minibus is HDrive’s latest in its EV minibus series and was shown to a large crowd at Fully Charged LIVE Australia, the nation’s leading electric vehicle and home energy show.

HDrive says the vehicle has been Australian Design Rule (ADR) approved at the ideal time as a gap opens in the low-floor minibus sector.

The distributor says it’s ready to support the market with the class-leading zero-emissions EV70 vehicle.


Following the successful showing of the EV70 minibus model, HDrive has announced local orders will come soon to allow the distributor to continue its proven history of carbon neutral transport in Australia and beyond.

Globally, HDrive’s manufacturer Wisdom Motors is currently supplying Japan with an order of 58 EV70 minibus models to further strengthen the 62 currently in service in the United Kingdom and three models recently announced in Germany.

The EV70 minibus that is set to be delivered to Australian customers is the same model that is currently being sold in the UK with great success, servicing city and regional hubs.

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In the coming months, HDrive expects the seven-metre EV minibus series to soon grow to more than 300 vehicles in service in April this year globally. The Australian demonstrator vehicle will be going into trials within the coming weeks.

To find out more, please contact HDrive for more information or to place your company on the growing list of interested parties.  

HDrive managing director Jason Pecotic was at the factory last week watching the orders for Japan and the UK being built as he prepares for Australian orders, while HDrive general manager Ben Kiddle helped showcase the EV70 at Fully Charged Sydney.

“Fully Charged was a success for us as it allowed us to secure mass enquiries and potential orders for the EV70 minibus,” Kiddle says.

“The vehicle is the perfect fit for on-demand services, being the first zero-emissions ADR-compliant offering of this class in the Australian market.”

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