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Hanover Displays unveils new sensations for local bus market

International destination displays and passenger information systems powerhouse Hanover Displays has unveiled new products for the bus and coach market

For just under 40 years, Hanover Displays has been a global leader in the on-board LED destination display and passenger information systems sectors of the public transport industry.

Since 1985, the UK-based brand has been designing and manufacturing a variety of passenger information systems and products for public transport operators, with subsidiary offices in Australia, France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Hong Kong and further representatives all over the world.

Alongside a second production facility in Chicago, Illinois, Hanover Displays has expanded to become a trusted supplier across more than 80 countries that serves more than 10,000 customers across the globe. All of this success has allowed Hanover to build a reputation as a supplier of reliable and high-quality passenger information systems.

Now, the latest innovations coming from Hanover Displays headquarters are set to launch into the Australian bus and coach industry.

Image: Hanover Displays

The recent release of the new high-resolution LED destination display is exciting the team at Hanover Displays, but it’s not the only innovation to join the company’s offering. The high-resolution LED destination displays will be joined by Hanover Cloud – Hanover’s new online portal through which customers can manage and program their Hanover passenger information systems.

Coming very soon, the Hanover Cloud online platform is keenly awaited. When released, it’ll give customers the ability to program and manage their entire fleet of passenger information systems anywhere and anytime, as well as being able to transfer any form of update at any time remotely or wirelessly.

“Hanover Displays is committed to innovation and customer satisfaction,” Hanover Displays Australia Director Fiona Watson told ABC.

“The release of Hanover Cloud is very exciting. With all that it has to offer our clients, it’s much more than just a programming tool.”

The cloud-based application supports the management of operators’ fleets while also providing status updates, transfers and the ability to create destination lists for all Hanover display screens.

Hanover Cloud streamlines the entire process of delivering passenger information and offers a cloud-based online system that is cost-effective, fast and secure for public transport operators.

By accessing the Hanover Cloud online portal, users can easily update all relevant data for Hanover systems, making the updating process efficient for operators. Customers using the new Hanover Cloud will be given 24/7 access to their Hanover equipment and can easily manage, deploy, update and maintain the systems.

Watson says that Hanover Cloud has been developed with security in mind, as Hanover Displays has ensured that all Hanover Cloud data is encrypted, backed up and hosted by Microsoft Azure to keep information safe.

“The Hanover Cloud is an exciting development for us, as the new online portal allows customers to manage and program their Hanover passenger information systems,” Watson says.

“The Hanover Cloud uses the power of the Cloud to offer a one-stop online portal that accesses all Hanover applications, information and services.

“Our team is constantly working on new product solutions for the public transport sector.”

From high-resolution LED destination displays to advanced controllers and multimedia TFT passenger information screens, Hanover Displays already has a rich history in supplying cutting edge technology for bus and coach companies.

Alongside the Hanover Cloud, the new high-resolution displays will allow transport companies to enhance the presentation of their preferred font styles and individual brands on their destination display system. Watson says the display’s sign clarity is “nothing short of amazing”.

“The development of Hanover’s high-resolution LED destination displays is possibly one of the biggest steps forward since the on-bus information systems technology moved from flip-dot to LED technology two decades ago,” Watson says.

“Offering up to 20 times the resolution of an existing standard LED display, the Hanover high-resolution destination signs have exceptional clarity and contrast in all weather conditions.

“Our customers can now display a wealth of information on the high-resolution signs, including news feeds, updates and advertising.”

Both innovations have been researched, designed and developed at Hanover Displays’ state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in the UK. The headquarters, along with the secondary production site at Illinois for the US market, allows Hanover to manage the entire process from the development to the manufacturing of products.

This close focus allows Hanover to maintain strict standards of quality control, ensuring durability and efficiency over product lifespan.

Each year, Hanover manufactures and ships over 70,000 products to its global customers. These products are installed in roughly 25,000 vehicles each year.

Hanover Australia Managing Director Grant Watson says that the new LED destination display screens and Hanover Cloud are both a sign of what’s to come for the evolving Hanover brand in the future.

“Hanover Displays has a reputation for innovation in passenger information systems within the public transport industry, and we’re excited to have the Hanover Cloud online platform launched,” Grant told ABC.

“We’re already working on adding more features to the Hanover Cloud to give our customers even more solutions.

“Our research and development team is constantly striving to develop new product solutions and, in addition to the development of the Hanover Cloud, they’re working on other new innovations that we’ll be launching in the future.”

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