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Griffith bus network receives big boost

Griffith is already reaping the rewards of new and improved bus services, including free travel during the upcoming school holidays

The NSW government has announced that a 30 per cent boost will soon hit Griffith public transport services, with 77 extra bus services now rolling out each week.

As part of a range of new service improvements, Griffith Buslines is also offering free travel anywhere on its network during the September school holidays from September 23 to October 8 as a way of encouraging people to try new services.

Around this, Griffith residents will also have access to simpler and more regular timetables, as well as better connections to hospitals and new services on Sundays and public holidays.

A new bus route will link South Griffith and Pioneer directly with the Griffith Hospital precinct, providing safer travels for bus passengers, while a bus service will run to St Vincent’s Private Community Hospital, improving access to the Aboriginal Medical Service on Jondaryan Avenue.

“This new bus network is part of our commitment to deliver better public transport in the regions,” NSW regional transport and roads minister Jenny Aitchison says.

“It is fantastic that it has been achieved by listening to the Griffith community about what it really wants and needs.

“As we roll out a new bus network for Griffith, I want to invite everyone who may not regularly use buses to consider it as a transport option.

“Everyone is welcome on public transport and we want to reduce barriers so everyone can feel comfortable getting on board.”

Services will also expand to the growing suburbs of Collina and South Griffith, connecting to Griffith Regional Sports Centre and Griffith Exies Sports Club.

Aitchison says Transport for NSW consulted extensively with Griffith City Council, Griffith Buslines and the community to ensure the new services meet people’s needs.

“We thank Transport for NSW for collaborating and partnering to deliver a new bus network for Griffith that is smarter and will better meet people’s needs to get to medical appointments, work, shops and social events,” Griffith Buslines manager Sally Blair says.

“All of our public route buses are wheelchair accessible, they lower to the ground, there’s a ramp which makes it easy for anyone with a wheelchair, or mobility challenge to use the bus.

“We are proud to support the Griffith community with bus services as we create a better overall experience for the travelling public.”

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