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German operator adds to its Mercedes-Benz fleet

The three new Mercedes-Benz coaches will take the transport operator’s fleet size to 10

German transport operator Blitz-Reisen GmbH from Overath has expanded its Mercedes-Benz fleet with three new Setra coaches.

With two new S 516 HDH and one S 517 HDH, the company based in North Rhine-Westphalia now operates 10 Setra vehicles – all of them TopClass coaches.

These 5-star vehicles are used throughout Europe by Blitz-Reisen and sometimes stay in the same place – including the Canary Islands – for several weeks.

Mercedes-Benz buses says every driver benefits from this streamlined TopClass fleet.

“They can be deployed flexibly, as they are very familiar with Setra coaches,” Managing Director Bernd Rubarth says.

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The new S 516 HDH with 46 seats and the S 517 HDH with 50 seats are equipped with a glass roof and the latest multichannel sound systems as well as all the safety and comfort systems currently available from Setra.

Blitz-Reisen GmbH has been a partner of the Setra brand since 1992.

Founded in 1986, Blitz-Reisen relies on consistency when it comes to the service life of its vehicles.

After around six years, they are replaced by new Setra TopClass coaches.

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