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Foton Mobility

Foton Mobility stresses it won’t be limiting its fleet to just the two bus models for the immediate future. Abel is already teasing some exciting news for 2023 and beyond.

“Coming next year will be some different products that we’ve been looking at,” Abel told ABC. “Our current two models look similar and perform and ride impressively, so we may be adding more buses to those markets and heavily campaigning both.”

Abel says the Australian zero-emissions bus and coach distributor is looking to establish its existing vehicles in 2023.

After a crazy period spent releasing and promoting the two new energy options, Abel wants to see the buses find their niche in the local market. Having received the two vehicles ADR approval, Abel says he is finding it hard to curb his excitement for 2023.

“I see some wonderful developments in the hydrogen industry next year and I’m excited to see where it will take us,” Abel says. “As far as products from Foton Mobility go, it will be a case of watch this space for 2023.

“I can guarantee we’re certainly not going to rest with just our current vehicles. We’ll be looking at opportunities where we can grow our footprint – we believe we know where these opportunities lie and where we can maximise our value offering.”

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