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First Australian trackless tram trialled in WA

The hybrid bus and tram vehicle has been put to trial in WA

After arriving in late September, the first trackless tram to be put to use in Australia has undergone a trial in Perth.

The City of Stirling hosted its Net Zero Transit Symposium in late November, with the trackless tram trial being conducted as part of the two-day event.

The City of Stirling received federal government funding to produce a business case for a trackless tram system from Glendalough train station to Scarborough Beach.

The trial brings the trackless tram from China to test in Australian conditions, opening the door for similar mid-tier public transport solutions like rapid bus networks to also grow in Australia.

The trackless tram follows a digital track and is powered by batteries, meaning no hard track infrastructure is needed for the rubber wheel vehicle.

The next phase in research for the business case from the City of Stirling is to continue trialling the trackless tram before looking at widespread implementation.

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