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February deliveries forge forward

It’s a consistent start to 2024 for Australian bus and coach deliveries as the market continues to deliver at high volumes

The Australian bus and coach industry has fallen into a state of consistency with its deliveries, continuing on its January momentum with an equally impressive February.

While there were 137 deliveries in January, the February numbers remained high as there were 135 units delivered last month.

After a strong start to the year, it was a dominant February for Volvo, who dominated the chassis market with 47 deliveries for the month. Yutong maintained its momentum with 24 units delivered, while Scania wrapped up the top three with 21 deliveries. Behind that was an even pack led by King Long (nine), who maintained distance from I-Bus, Custom Denning and BYD, who all finished with six deliveries. Mercedes-Benz recorded the five units delivered, while BCI (four) and BLK (three) finished narrowly ahead of MAN and Challenger, who both delivered two units apiece.

In the widely dispersed bodybuilder market, leader Volgren continued to flex its muscles at the top. Following its 36-delivery January with a further 33 in February, Volgren maintained its lead over the likes of Yutong (24), Irizar (23) and Custom Denning (12). Next best was King Long with the nine deliveries, keeping ahead of I-Bus and Express Coaches with six deliveries each, while BCI and BLK couldn’t be split with four deliveries apiece. In an even finish, as always, Gemilang and Coach Concepts, with three deliveries each, stayed ahead of the final eight deliveries that were split between five brands.

The same superpower emerged in the seating market in February, with McConnell having an impressive month with 49 deliveries. It nearly doubled the second-placed Sege, who had a productive February in its own right with 27 deliveries. Next best was Yutong with 24, while StyleRide doubled its January efforts with the 16 units recorded in February. King Long remained consistent with nine deliveries, while APM (six) stayed clear of Fainsa (two), Precision Bus (one) and Marcopolo (one) to wrap up the market for the month.

The air-conditioning market continues to remain tightly contested, with Thermo King taking the honours for February with 39 deliveries. Fighting for second was Cling-Yutong and Hispacold, who couldn’t be split with 24 deliveries each. Behind the duelling pair was Coachair (13), who finished just ahead of Valeo (12) and King Long (nine). Songz had a strong February with six deliveries, while MCC, Konvekta, Spheros and Denso all recorded two units delivered apiece.

In January, Victoria and Queensland fought for the top spot in the state-based game, but in February, it was all one-way traffic for the Victorians. With 55 deliveries recorded in a mammoth February, Victoria was well ahead of the second-placed NSW with 29 deliveries. Trailing behind was Western Australia (21) and Queensland (19), while South Australia remained consistent with the seven units. Tasmania enjoyed three deliveries in February, while the ACT recorded the single delivery.

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