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SPONSORED CONTENT: The joining of Mobitec and Luminator is bringing advanced technology to the passenger transport market.

L-R: Fabian Mueller, Leigh Kennedy, Anthony Goodman, Kyle Blake, Kurt Hennessy, Lara Peterson and Rod Pulbrook. Absent - Sorin Serban.

The Mobitec brand is one that is well known in the bus industry with over 30 years of involvement. The company’s primary products that Mobitec has built its reputation on are the provision of destination signs and, in more recent times, CCTV, it explains.

The joining of Mobitec Australia with the global Luminator Technology Group means that it is now part of a purposefully architected and uniquely positioned team to provide support to the public transport industry. This alignment provides Luminator Australia with more product by which Mobitec can assist the bus industry to deliver for the clients they serve and the travelling public.

There are several trends and technology shifts that are becoming evident in the bus industry that have both a direct and indirect impact on the provision of products to passengers, PTAs, body builders and operators. Luminator is here to support all sections of the transport industry in understanding and implementing these changes, it says. 



As the industry shifts its focus to the use of zero-emissions vehicles it is becoming more and more critical to design items that both weigh less and consume less power. Luminator is working constantly as LED technology improves to ensure it is supplying the most energy-efficient and long-life product available. It is working with bus suppliers to ensure its extensive range of passenger information screens are lighter and use less power, it says.


The focus on passenger and staff safety has never been more important. To meet this need, Luminator has developed an improved offering for its CCTV system with live streaming and fault notification. In recent months, Luminator has become the distributor for Safety Visions camera mirror system, which replaces the traditional mirror with a camera and screen combination. This provides ADR-compliant, enhanced, all-weather viewing to the driver, it explains.


The stated objectives of government bodies ensures that customers are central to what is offered in public transport. Luminator continues to develop products that support this goal, it says. Products such passenger information systems, real-time displays, disruption information, safety and intermodal information now form part of the Luminator Australia offering, the company confirms.


As transport systems become more sophisticated, Luminator can support the integration of these systems into a cohesive operation, it says. It has a testing team that supports internal Luminator and customer projects for testing both hardware and software systems, including third-party solutions. The Australian team contains skills that come from delivering and maintaining some of the most complex systems available today, it adds. These skills are well placed to support the bus and wider transport industry. In addition, the company is developing service level agreements with its customers to include support from the service team, it explains.


Luminator is an active member of both VDV and ITxPT associations, which are working to enable open architecture, data accessibility and interoperability between public transport IT systems. These standards and best practices bring reduced cost of operation, improved passenger experiences and a community of innovation, with methods to ensure quality and compliance within the industry. Luminator leads the way in the move to IP networks as all of its new solutions come with ethernet connectivity, it says.


Luminator offers connectivity solutions for buses and stationary equipment, including software solutions to produce and display real-time information. Its software suite integrates stationary and mobile solutions seamlessly. This provides for true Intermodality, it states.

These are just some of the shifts in thinking that have emerged over recent times. Luminator will continue to respond to these trends and support the industry in delivering change effectively, it adds.

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