All Under Control - Luminator

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SPONSORED CONTENT: Luminator Technology Group Australia has a range of solutions to keep transport systems running safely and efficiently.

All Under Control - Luminator
Luminator understands and is addressing the top goals in transport technology, it states.

Luminator Technology Group Australia - previously trading as Mobitec Australia - has been supplying to the Australian bus and coach industry since 1995.

Known for high-quality products and excellent customer service, Luminator provides innovative solutions for passenger information and video security systems in public transport. Luminator’s experience in the Australian market has created a sound basis for its position as a leading supplier in the bus industry and the company’s products are operating in more than 85 countries worldwide, providing reliable passenger information and safety in rigorous transport environments, it states.

Luminator Technology Group Australia offers a fully integrated, cost-effective, and reliable suite of transport technology solutions that delivers intelligence, safety and efficiency to transport systems.

By combining strategic research and development and smart acquisitions, Luminator has merged a broad range of expertise and new technology along with best-in-class products from successful, well-known companies into one cohesive, global organisation.

Luminator is now uniquely positioned to connect transport passengers to vital information while supporting the operational objectives of efficient transport operations, it says. Whether the customer services a small community, large city, or a region, Luminator is developing and delivering technology that can provide tangible benefits to public transport systems of all sizes, it explains.

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Luminator understands and is addressing the top goals in transport technology. It recognises the need to drive efficiency and manage costs in the purchase and operation of transport technologies, as well as the desire to keep operators and passengers safe.

From its local sales and support teams, consolidated manufacturing personnel, highly-skilled engineering and development professionals, and all the way to ownership – Luminator says that it is ‘all-in’ for its customers and their end users.

Luminator is building and investing in a technology roadmap to deliver:

•   more cost-effective integrated solutions;

•   a full software suite to increase productivity and provide greater access to the data that the customer needs;

•   managed open architecture to let the user take advantage of industry standards and have the reliability provided by expert integration services;

•   the benefits of being a global company with a small-enterprise approach and commitment to customer care.



The Luminator product range consists of a variety of products in each product category to meet the varied needs of customers and their operation, it says.

Passenger information systems provide next-stop, disruption and connection information in real time using state-of-the-art onboard TFT screens that suit a variety of applications and sizes, Luminator explains.

The economic Ultima Destination sign range with its 50 step sensor technology increases the life of the sign and provides ease of visibility to passengers. Again, this comes in a variety of sizes for the city, school and coach market, the company confirms.

The latest high-resolution CCTV systems with system health monitoring and download capability come in 5, 12 and 24 channels.

Stationary sign systems provide real-time, disruption and connection information to passengers at interchanges and bus stops.

Luminator control units can be matched to the size of operation, ranging from mobile phone Bluetooth-operated simple signs to complex multi-route systems.

In addition, the company has a range of Covid-19 supporting solutions, smart mirror systems and smart infrastructure solutions, it confirms.

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Luminator recognises three of the key issues currently facing the bus industry in the market as being:

1. Lowering overall costs and risks: Luminator Technology Group is committed to lowering the overall costs and risks associated with purchasing and operating technology solutions across the complete transport system.

2. Seamless technology path: As transport technology choices grow in number and complexity, Luminator is investing in delivering streamlined, integrated transport technology solutions and integration services to create additional intelligence, safety, and efficiency across transport systems.

3. World-class support: Luminator Technology Group ensures that customers get the responsive and qualified local support they need, when they need it.

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E:; P: (02) 9533 2000; A: 10/85 Boundary Rd, Mortdale 2223, NSW, Australia

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