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SPONSORED CONTENT: It might not be new technology, but in a ‘Covid-19 coronavirus world’ thermal imaging just may have found a new home from its traditional airport, military, police and hospital-use roles: buses and public transport.

The Hikvision Thermal Body Detection Camera System distributed by Parts Supply Solutions aims to help keep bus staff and passengers safe.

There’s a range of companies and products specialising in the field of thermal imaging, but one that’s been dealing with the Australian bus industry for years is Parts Supply Solutions, based in Melbourne, Victoria.

As many legitimate information sources will attest, in the process of the human immune system detecting an infection there’s a stage that core body temperature may rise and eventually become a fever.

From the old days when mothers would check their sick child’s forehead to determine sickness to modern medical information indicating the inner tear duct best shows it, facial recognition of such temperature increases is a key symptom to pinpoint early.



The Hikvision Thermal Body Detection Camera System distributed by Parts Supply Solutions aims to help keep bus staff and passengers safe.

Trusted by hundreds of companies for its CCTV systems to protect your most valuable assets, Parts Supply Solutions says it can now help keep your buses moving by ensuring your staff and passengers are well before they get on-board.

Its thermal temperature imaging solutions will ensure your staff and passengers are not at risk, are safe and able to get about their essential activities, it says.

The professional grade, high-quality camera allow images to be recorded and features in-built audio alarms.

Perhaps most importantly for bus depot and bus stop use, while many experts believe current heat imaging camera cannot check multiple people at once, the Parts Supply Solutions system can do so, the company confirms.



According to the company, any object with temperature above absolute zero emits a detectable amount of radiation. The thermal camera converts IR radiation into a grey value and establishes the accurate corresponding relation between grey value and temperature through the temperature measurement algorithm model

As it is well-known that one major symptom of virus infections is body temperature, a thermal camera with high temperature accuracy can detect the elevated body temperature for preliminary screening.



High Efficiency: It takes only one second for a thermal camera to detect the temperature of each person. This reduces congestion in the screening area when passing through the screening point.

Safety: The thermal camera supports non-contact temperature measurement, which can accurately measure temperature at a distance of approximately one metre. This reduces the risk of infection from physical contact.

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The Thermographic Body Temperature screening Bullet/Turret cameras provide an Artificial intelligence (AI) face detection function, locating multiple faces intelligently and measuring the temperature of the faces only - to reduce false alarms from other heat sources, the company explains.



The Hikvision Thermographic Body Temperature screening products are embedded with a self-developed algorithm, which is specially optimised for temperature measurement thermography, Part Supply Solutions explains.

Combined with a constant-temperature/dust-free automated manufacturing process with big data, Hikvision ensures the accuracy of its thermal cameras, it says.



"We have to keep as many businesses going in this current climate as possible, as everyone keeps saying ‘we are all in this together’. One way to keep public transport running is by ensuring bus staff are safe," explained Parts Supply Solutions co-director, Fiona Watson.

"A lot of bus companies use our CCTV security system, which is extremely high quality and reliable. This thermal temperature detection is produced by the same smart minds; it’s reliable and efficient and has been deployed in some of Australia’s major hospitals already," she confirmed.

"It provides an answer straight away," she added.

"We can keep on working, keep the business going if our staff are well – if their temperature is normal, off they can go.  

"We can also protect our staff further by being able to detect high-risk passengers before they get on the bus. 

"Peace of mind for all, which brings about some form of normality in this ‘not normal’ world we are currently living in," she stated.


Parts Supply Solutions co-director Grant Watson concurred: "Early detection is vital. These products are an extremely useful tool to assist in the detection of potentially infected people who may be carrying this aggressive virus," he explained. 

"It is important that we restore the public’s perception of public transport, and reinforce that public transport operators are doing all they can to protect their passengers against community transmission of this virus.

"Operators understand the risks and are working on strategies such as this, to ensure that everything is being done to limit the risk and identify if staff and or passengers are infected."



Outdoor wind and sun can affect the body surface temperature and the working status of the camera, which results in a deviation between the measured body surface temperature and the actual body temperature.

To ensure accuracy, it is strongly recommended the camera solutions be used indoors.

However, can the Thermographic Body Temperature Screening cameras be installed outdoors? The cameras are able to use face recognition technology, so other heat sources will not cause false alarms, it is confirmed.

Will other heat sources (such as tea cups, kettles, etc.) cause false alarms? According to the company, the Hikvision cameras detect faces when screening. It supports detection of up to 10 faces simultaneously, but it is recommended to conduct temperature measurements one at a time.

For further information please contact: Email -, or telephone – (03) 9872 6673.



-    Set up in your depot and test your staff prior to beginning work.

-    Professional thermographic handheld camera + Tripod (Optional) + iVMS-4200 (PC) / Hik-Thermal (Mobile APP)

Solution Advantages:

-    Thermographic handheld camera supports WiFi, is able to integrate with PC / mobile client, real-time audio alarm and uploaded to computer screen to capture automatically;

-    Touchscreen to ensure easy user experience;

-    Supports flexible temperature measurement area;

-    Accuracy is ±0.5 degree, satisfies preliminary body temperature screening requirement.

Set-up Tips:

-    The camera is recommended to be installed 1.5 metres high from the ground in a stable environment, and to keep the distance between target and camera about 1.5-2m;

-    For best results, ensure people pass by the thermographic camera individually.

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