A new year for Thermo King

By: Paul Aldridge

Thermo King Australia’s latest product is the KRS 1139B Tropical Unit, which allows for installation anywhere on the roof of the bus.

A new year for Thermo King
Thermo King southern region sales manager Eddie Furmanczyk and a number of other Australian bus air-conditioning suppliers showed off their products at the 2016 Australian Bus + Coach Show


The new system allows the installer to have flexibility in positioning whilst achieving correct weight distribution.

The lightweight Tropical Unit is made of all-aluminum construction with a very low profile that Thermo King southern region sales manager Eddie Furmanczyk says "is the most aesthetically pleasing system on the market to compliment a bus". The low profile at only 181mm high is also very important when manoeuvring under low-level buildings or objects.

The KRS 1139B operates on a quick pulldown system that Furmanczyk says is faster than other systems available because it operates on a different type of gas to other units: 407C gas. This is a feature important to coach companies and route service buses that require a quick pulldown system because doors are constantly opening and closing, and bus temperatures need to be maintained – especially in summer. Using the new 407C gas can increase system efficiency by more than 15 per cent, according to the company.

The driver has total temperature control including heating, cooling, fresh air functions, and the important feature of a dehumidifier function – to keep the windows clear at all times. This safety feature is one of the main reasons coach companies purchase their air-conditioning systems, Furmanczyk says.

Another feature of Thermo King’s systems is the use of its own X430 compressor. The X430 system is a ‘tried and true’ unit that has been successfully used for around 45 years and is a true transport compressor. The Thermo King X430 system has been used by customers for up to 1.8 million kilometres with normal servicing.

Furmanczyk says Thermo King has a new model that is still under wraps at the moment but a 12-month trial period is due to start this November. The system has successfully been used in other countries, although only in a cooling capacity. The new system is being converted into a dual-capacity heating and cooling combination, which is the climate control system required for the Australian market.

Relationship building and customer support in all of the capital cities is an important focus for Thermo King. It has set up servicing facilities in the past six months in Perth to complete an Australia-wide system that has partly been contracted out in the past. Thermo King feels that, to be truly successful, all customer services and technicians need to be in house.

"We need to answer our customer questions when they have one not write it in a book and get back to them," Furmanczyk explains.

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