AIR-CON: Brain Bee ‘P’ Technology

A new, faster air-conditioning gas injecting technology has entered the Australian market

AIR-CON: Brain Bee ‘P’ Technology
Operator Graham Symons with the Clima-9000P Bus Pro at the Australian Bus + Coach Show 2013

A much faster air-conditioning service station has the market which an operator says is well worth the price tag.

The Brain Bee ‘P’ Technology system employs a volumetric injection technology using a pneumatically operated piston to push the gas into the system.

This is much faster and more accurate than the traditional method and is unique to Clima-9000P.

Autoequip is the Australian distributor of the Italian designed product, and Managing Director Terry Burgess believes the product is one of the best on the market.

"We appreciated the good system it was and became the agents in Australia," Burgess says.

He says the main difference with this system compared to others available in the Australian market is it is "much faster".

"That’s the main difference … between it and other systems," he explains.

"There are lots and lots of differences and that is the main one."

Burgess says the price of the system – which can be up to $10,000 – can be a deterrent for potential customers.

There are cheaper systems available but these are not quite to the same standard.

"It will do the same job but it takes a lot longer," he explains.

The system works with an electrically operated injector fitted to the HP connector working in conjunction with the piston and is electronically controlled to assure the accuracy of the gas dose.

The injector is used to make the coolant pass from the charge hose to the system in a controlled and synchronous way following the dosing cylinder movement.

An extension is available to be used when access to the HP joint of the vehicle does not allow the insertion of the injector.


Symons Coaches Narooma CEO Graham Symons is one bus operator who has decided to use the system.

He agrees with Burgess that the value of good service and back up support is remembered long after the price is forgotten.

Symons says the fully automatic system is easy to operate and appreciates he is able to immediately check for leaks.

One of the many, unique features of the Clima-9000P Bus is its being able to flush the system after a component failure in the AC circuit.

With the aid of an integrated solenoid valve the system can be flushed with the coolant which is filtered through a sealed debris filter and returned to the storage vessel when cleaned and the oil is recharged automatically.

With the unit, users can control all the operative functions of the unit, to perform all the routine maintenance operations, all the service functions, select the vehicle from the data base and check the status of the unit at any moment.

The Clima-9000P is suitable for buses, cars, trucks, and agricultural machinery. 

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