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E-T-A brings latest engineering tech to Expo

E-T-A is providing a wide range of protection and circuit breaker products at this year's Bus & Coach Expo

Since 1948, E-T-A has been a world market leader in engineering technology in circuit protection for buses and heavy vehicles. At this year’s Australasian Bus & Coach Expo, it’ll be bringing a new range from its four production facilities to show Australian customers.

“This year, we’ve got our new range of CanBus Distribution Modules and Smart Power Relays that we’ll show as well,” E-T-A managing director Andrew Skaltsounis told ABC. “We’ll be showing static displays as it suits the size of the booth we have for the Expo.”

Skaltsounis says this year’s Expo will be all about E-T-A showing the industry its multi-plexing capabilities. With its latest range of products using CanBus interfaces to control circuits, the E-T-A managing director says the company’s new smart distribution boards can convey more information regarding circuit activities.

He says the technology has all been developed in the past six months for the Expo and can constantly monitor interfaces and currents.

“Instead of just being able to switch things on and off, we have monitoring for circuits,” Skaltsounis says. “Our latest technology provides useful information for circuit analysis.

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“It all goes through our interfaces and the technology is blended into our new smart distribution boards.”

Along with showing off new products like E-T-A’s SCS200 Intelligent Power Distribution System, the family company is also looking to gain more exposure in the industry at the Expo.

After last year’s Expo was postponed, Skaltsounis says E-T-A has spent the extra year taking its equipment to a higher level of quality and sophistication.

“We are hoping for more exposure to the bus and coach market now that we have a larger range to show OEMs in this sector,” Skaltsounis says. “I hope we get exposure out of it and can get more people interested in our products at the Expo.”

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