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Eight double decker buses repowered in Wales

In Wales, Newport Transport and Equipmake will combine to turn eight diesel double deckers into exciting electric models

A recent partnership between South Wales bus operator Newport Transport and Equipmake will result in eight double deck buses being repowered to become electric models.

Newport Transport currently runs 49 electric buses and coaches throughout the city of Newport and its surrounding areas in South Wales, with the operator now intending to repower IC buses for use on school and city routes.

The eight buses that will be repowered include five diesel models and three hybrid Volvo models with Wrightbus Gemini bodies.

Equipmake will help repower each model through its Zero-Emission Drivetrain (ZED) technology that is bespoke to each vehicle’s requirements and can ensure the optimum battery level is achieved.

Equipmake says choosing to repower existing buses ensures significant cost and environmental benefits occur, with the repurposing of existing models saving up to 90 tonnes of embedded carbon dioxide emissions compared to buying a brand new electric double deck bus.

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