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Ebusco to bring 2.2 Electric model to Expo

Bus manufacturer Ebusco says it will bring some of its latest electric models to this year's Bus & Coach Expo

At the Expo, EBUSCO will launch its EBUSCO 2.2 model and provide the opportunity for everyone to see why the company has a reputation for exceptional quality electric buses. This will be EBUSCO’s first bus manufactured as right hand drive.

EBUSCO Australia Director Simon Pearce says the unveiling of the Australian 2.2 electric bus is an exciting moment for the growing company.

“It’s been in Europe for eight years, but this is the first time the bus will be available in Australia and right-hand drive,” Pearce told ABC. “It’s a bit of game changer. We’ve been running it in Europe for a while, so now we’re very keen to showcase it at the Expo.”

Pearce says the EBUSCO 2.2 is about to reach Australian shores, where it will be transferred to Sydney Showgrounds for the Expo in October. Based on how the Australian version of the 2.2 goes on the local market, EBUSCO will then consider bringing in other innovative electric bus models to the Australian market.


The 2.2 is available in both a 12.5-metre and 18-metre option, providing choices for potential customers. Pearce says the 2.2 is the only 18-metre electric bus on the market, meaning its arrival in Australia will be worth the wait.

“We have been waiting so long to get this bus in Australia,” Pearce says. “We’re thrilled and over the moon, it’s such an exciting time for us”.

“There’s been a huge effort from the entire team to get this vehicle here in time for the Expo.”

But EBUSCO isn’t just an electric bus manufacturer. The company will also bring its chargers to show at the Expo. Pearce says the chargers can be integrated end-to-end as part of bus energy storage solutions for customers. From the bus to the charger, Pearce is hopeful EBUSCO will impress the industry at the Expo and encourages all operators, government representatives and bus fans to visit EBUSCO stand 127 at the Expo. 

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