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E-T-A plans electric future for Australian bus industry

For years, E-T-A has supported bus and manufacturers in their transition to zero-emissions operations. This year is set to see it build on this and further expand its reach in Australia

As more bus manufacturers turn towards zero-emissions vehicles, challenges around supplying the right electrical systems and components have presented themselves to electrical system companies such as German parts supplier E-T-A.

With a growing brand in Australia, E-T-A is striving to provide the right products to bus and coach manufacturers while also developing solutions for the future of transport.

“E-T-A is heavily invested in designing new products for the transportation industry spanning back from our 75-year history as leaders in automotive circuit protection,” E-T-A Australia managing director Andrew Skaltsounis told ABC.

With stricter exhaust gas regulations, such as the possibility of transitioning from Euro VI to Euro VII, potentially coming into effect, Skaltsounis says E-T-A has placed more focus on meeting the high-performance requirements of electric gas exhausters within systems. On top of this, the many switching cycles of these systems have to adhere to evolving global standards.

Over the past 10 years, Skaltsounis says E-T-A has provided the broader automotive industry with solutions that meet these demands. Offering continuous currents between one and 200 amps, E-T-A’s range of electronic switching and protection solutions also provide low heat and noise developments. With these benefits, Skaltsounis says E-T-A’s high quality products and various benefits justify the high production cost of the material.

While E-T-A supplies systems across the wider electrical componentry market, its attention in the past five years, particularly in the Australasian region, has turned towards the bus and coach industry. This changed focus has resulted in a new electronic solid-state component that Skaltsounis says protects and controls electrical systems onboard the new wave of heavy vehicles.

The E-T-A Smart Control System 1000 power distribution units are already providing the benefits of electronic switching, including low control currents, low heat and noise development, high switching cycles and high cycle frequency. Skaltsounis says the increasing focus on electronic switching has resulted in a new wave of power solutions coming to market.

“For some time, a series of developments and new requirements have pushed the use of electronic switching, protecting and power distribution solutions,” Skaltsounis says.

Switching directions to the bus and coach market, particularly when it comes to electric models, hasn’t changed E-T-A’s overall goal of protecting lives through its actions and products. Skaltsounis says E-T-A has achieved this goal by using the resources it’s been given in a responsible manner.

“We want to preserve the same opportunities that we have for future generations,” he says.

“Our range of products are designed to save space, weight and complexity with wiring while creating savings that help to reduce emissions.”

Its most popular product offering among bus and coach operators has been its set of power distribution systems. The SCS1000 solution has been at the forefront of this boom.

The system provides users with different types of features ranging from its flexible mounting and optimised wiring to its adaptability. Skaltsounis says that its space-saving benefits also help operators when they decide to modernise their respective fleets.

E-T-A has recently built on this system with its SCS3000. Unlike its predecessor, the SCS3000 has combined power distribution and control functions into a single module. Its compact systems and its integrated logic also shares traits with the SCS1000.

In the broader heavy vehicle industry, its solid-state multi-function, high power and high voltage relays have become a staple. Skaltsounis says that, much like its smart control systems, E-T-A’s solutions reduce wiring complexity with its multifunctional ability.

“Additionally, circuits can be monitored, giving the operator feedback on statuses while providing data on run times and wear and tear for preventative maintenance,” Skaltsounis says.

This year is set to see E-T-A continue expanding its reach in Australia through its smart control system portfolio. The company is ready to increase its versatile product range along with its high voltage components.

As it prepares to do so, Skaltsounis says E-T-A’s compact, configurable and programmable systems are ready to service not just Australia, but the global bus and coach industry too.

“Electronic solutions are gaining ground. They are no longer nice-to-have, but state-of-the-art or even must-have,” Skaltsounis says.

“As a supplier of electronic and electro-mechanical solutions with 75 years of expertise in the area of overcurrent protection, E-T-A is a technological innovator who always finds the right solutions, both now and into the future.”

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