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Deliveries spike in June

While May’s 115 deliveries were superb, June eclipsed it as the end of financial year saw many buses and coaches delivered around Australia

The year 2023 is going from strength to strength for Australia’s bus and coach markets as an amazing amount of vehicles continued to fly out the door and onto roads in June.

In the final month of the financial year, an incredible 134 deliveries were recorded as the local market continues to set records in recent times.

In the chassis market, Volvo still retained top spot, although this time it was a much more even market. Its 45 deliveries in May dropped down to a still market leading 31 in June, with Scania hot on its tail with 28. Rounding out the top three was Yutong who increased from 12 deliveries in May to 19 in June, while BCI (13) had a very busy month. Denning (nine) kept in touch with the leaders and remained well ahead of the likes of MAN and King Long, who both registered four deliveries. Finishing the chassis market for June were BYD and BLK with the two units each, while BusTech Group had the single delivery for the month.

When it came to the crowded bodybuilders market, a familiar name continued to sit atop. Volgren (28) was once again the market leader despite dropping eight from its May tally, as BCI shot from five deliveries in May to claim second place in June with 22 units. Yutong (21) resurged once again, keeping ahead of Irizar (17) and Custom Denning (15). There was a clear gap after these heavy hitters, with the next best coming from Express Coaches and Marcopolo with seven apiece, as BusTech Group (six) remained hot on their heels. Rounding out the even market was King Long (four), who edged ahead of Coach Design (three) and BLK (two), while Scania Higer and Coach Concepts both recorded single deliveries.

In the seating market, it remained top heavy courtesy of McConnell’s dominance. Following 60 deliveries in May, McConnell continued to lead easily with 44 in June, staying well ahead of the next best Sege with 31. StyleRide made a jump up in numbers from 15 in May to 25 in June, while Yutong (21) kept well ahead of Marcopolo (seven) and the final three companies that shared six deliveries, including the return of Precision Bus.

There were no major surprises when it came to air-conditioning as Thermo King ran riot with 40 deliveries in June. It finished comfortably ahead of the next best Cling-Yutong with 21, as Hispacold (18), Coachair (16) and Valeo (12) all made the market more competitive. MCC wasn’t far away with nine, while Denso and Spheros both recorded seven units, staying ahead of King Long with four.

The tit-for-tat battle in the state and territory market took another turn in June as Victoria regained its crown from NSW. The latter may have claimed victory in May, but Victoria returned to its winning ways in June with 42 deliveries, comfortably edging out NSW, who had the 31 deliveries. Queensland remained close with 29 units, while WA (21) also had a good month. In the first time in forever, all Australian states and territories delivered units in June, as South Australia (six) was consistent, while the ACT and Tasmania both had two deliveries and the Northern Territory recorded the single unit.

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