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Deliveries remain steady in September

In remarkably similar figures to August, September deliveries stayed just short of the 100 mark

It may not have been the stellar return to triple-figure sales that the industry wanted, but September’s Australian bus and coach deliveries remained as consistent as ever.

Despite July recording 120 deliveries, September edged out August by a single unit, finishing with 91 deliveries for the month.

In the chassis section, there was no way of stopping Volvo. After topping the sector in August with 18, Volvo shot up further, finishing with 31 units delivered for a busy September. Trailing Volvo out of the deliveries recorded was Scania with a consistent 17 deliveries, while Mercedes-Benz increased its August tally by one with 14 units delivered for the month. Just behind Mercedes-Benz was Bus & Coach International (BCI) with nine, while MAN (5) and King Long (4) kept deliveries ticking over. The final five deliveries in the chassis section was shared by four different companies, with Yutong (2) the only one to record more than the one delivery.

When it came to bodybuilders, Volgren once again trumped the competition of deliveries provided. With an amazing 37 deliveries out of a total of 91, increasing its August efforts by 10 in a stellar month. Daylight separated Volgren from the pack, as BCI (10) and Custom Denning (10) both improved on their August numbers to share second place. Close behind was Irizar with nine, while Bustech Group (6) and King Long (4) remained as steady as ever. In a very even finish, Coach Design (3) and I-Bus (3) didn’t vary much from August numbers, while Express Coaches (2) and Yutong (2) edged just ahead of a group of five companies who each recorded the single delivery.

In the air-conditioning game, Thermo King extended its dominance in the market with a remarkable 50 deliveries for September. With more than half of the total month’s air-conditioning unit deliveries, Thermo King recorded 15 more deliveries than its August efforts. Hispacold (12) and Coachair (11) both firmed as the next best in the crop, while Valeo (4) and King Long (4) both hovered in the next pack beneath. Much like the other markets, there was an even group recording similar deliveries, as Spheros (3) and Kingtec (3) couldn’t be split, while MCC (2) and Clint-Yutong (2) rounded out the month’s deliveries.

In the state-based race for bus and coach deliveries, Western Australia jumped over August’s winner in New South Wales. WA had a full September, finishing with 26 deliveries for the month, equating to 29 per cent of the national share. Victoria also poked its nose ahead of NSW with 24 deliveries, while NSW fell back to third with one less unit delivered for September. With Tasmania not recording a delivery in September, Queensland (13) and South Australia (5) rounded out the units delivered for the month.

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