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Deliveries finish on remarkable note for 2023

If recent deliveries at the back-end of the year weren’t impressive enough, the industry closed 2023 on a high note

With the holiday period approaching, the Australian bus and coach industry would’ve been forgiven for slowing its delivery rate in the last month of 2023.

Instead, it stayed as impressively consistent as ever, recording 126 deliveries for the month to back up November’s 131 units.

In the chassis sector, a new leader reigned supreme in December to finish off the year with a high, as Scania snatched the market lead with 33 deliveries. It edged out the usual dominant force in Volvo (32) by a single delivery, with Yutong capping off a remarkable 2023 with another 24 deliveries to firmly cement itself in the top three. There was daylight after that, with Custom Denning the next best with eight deliveries, just one ahead of King Long and BCI with seven apiece. Mercedes-Benz and MAN (five each) continued to remain consistent, while I-Bus (three) and Challenger with two units finished the year in style.

While there were surprises in the chassis market, no one could be shocked by who took out top spot in the body builders sector. It was much closer in December, but Volgren still won out with 28 deliveries for the month, staying ahead of the fast-approaching Yutong with 24. Scania Higer rounded out the top three with 20 units, keeping ahead of the persistent Irizar (16). Custom Denning (11) had a strong month, while both King Long and BCI (seven apiece) continued delivering. Express Coaches had a strong December with four deliveries, jumping ahead of five brands that shared the final nine deliveries between them.

It may not have pushed the half-century mark, but McConnell was still as imperious as ever in December with 38 deliveries in the seating market. It did have to continue to battle Sege, who once again impressed with 28 deliveries, while Yutong’s strong December reaped 24 units. StyleRide rose to 23 deliveries to finish the year well, while ISRI entered the market for the first time in 2023 with seven deliveries. APM recorded the three units, while Fainsa (two) and Marcopolo (one) got on the board in the last month of 2023.

The race also tightened in the air-conditioning game, as Thermo King had to fight to stay on top of the market with 26 deliveries. Cling-Yutong snatched second with 24 units, while Konvekta rose rapidly to 20 deliveries in December. Both Hispacold (16) and Coachair (15) finished strongly, while Valeo (eight) and King Long with seven deliveries remained consistent. MCC (four), Spheros (three) and Songz (three) all wrapped up a productive year in the seating market.

Christmas presents were delivered in abundance in Victoria, with December being a busy one for the southern state. It recorded 52 deliveries, or 41 per cent of the market for the final month of 2023, staying well ahead of the next best NSW with 30 deliveries. Queensland came in third with 24 units, while Western Australia dropped back down from its October heights with 14 deliveries. Tasmania were next with three units, while the Northern Territory (two) and South Australia (one) made sure they kept on the board to finish the year.

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