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December deliveries refuse to drop

To cap off an amazing 2022 for bus and coach manufacturers, December deliveries remained as impressive as ever heading into the new year.

The year 2022 was already on track to be an incredibly successful year for the bus and coach industry, but the December deliveries once again proved that the sector is flourishing.

In the final month of 2022, December supported November’s 95 units delivered with another 91 deliveries being registered by manufacturers.

When it came to chassis, we saw a new leader for the month. In a tight race, Scania pipped Volvo at the post by one, recording 20 deliveries for December. Following the top two was BYD with 12 deliveries, while Yutong and Mercedes-Benz couldn’t be split on 10 units delivered apiece. King Long remained consistent as ever, mirroring its November number of eight deliveries with the same in December, while I-Bus and BCI both dropped in December to three units each. Both BusTech Group and BLK Auto recorded the two deliveries each, while MAN and Challenger rounded out the market for December with one unit apiece.

There were no surprises in the bodybuilder section, as Volgren maintained its lead ahead of the pack. Despite dropping from its November numbers of 30 deliveries, it still recorded more than double the deliveries of its competitors with 24 in December. Next best were Custom Denning and Yutong on 10 apiece, as the former made a massive jump up. In a diverse market, King Long and Irizar couldn’t be split on eight units each, while Scania (6), Express Coaches (5) and BCI (4) all weren’t far behind. The remaining 16 deliveries were split between 10 companies.

In the seating game, no one could get near McConnell. The market leader flexed its muscles in December, increasing its 37 deliveries in November with 45 in December. Yutong remained in second spot yet took a hit as it dropped down to 10 units for the month, while Sege (9), StyleRide (8) and King Long (7) all remained even. APM and Fainsa continued their solid numbers with four units each as Marcopolo and Precision Bus rounded out the market with two units apiece.

When looking at the air-conditioning market, Thermo King went from strength to strength. After registering 35 deliveries in November, the air-conditioning giant recorded 44 deliveries for December. No one came close to Thermo King, as next best were Clint-Yutong and Hispacold on 10 apiece. King Long remained consistent with a further eight units in December, while Konvekta (6) led an even field consisting of Spheros, Songz and Coachair, who all recorded three deliveries. Rounding out the market was Valeo (2), Denso (1) and MCC (1).

The state competition for deliveries turned into a landslide in December, as Victoria dominated to record 38 deliveries (42 per cent). Queensland followed with 22 units (24 per cent), while New South Wales dropped to third with 16 deliveries. South Australia remained steady with eight units for the months, while Western Australia dropped right down to four deliveries, only one ahead of Tasmania (3).

For website piece: Click here for comprehensive bus and coach delivery information for December. Please note all data is as supplied from manufacturers, at their discretion.

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