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After a whirlwind finish to 2022, Challenger will spend the new year delivering on the quality vehicles it has in build. While the brand does this, it also has some new vehicles in the works for 2023.

“We do also have an eye on a couple of new projects underway,” Campbell told ABC. “This includes a smaller vehicle in a V8 model, which will be a 25-to-30 seat vehicle.”

Alongside this concept of a smaller V8 vehicle is Challenger’s first zero-emissions bus and coach in the form of a low-floor battery electric model. Campbell says both of these new models will still be part of Challenger’s Australian-owned, designed and fully supported fleet of quality products.

He says these models are incredibly exciting for Challenger as it looks to continue its expansion in Australia.

“The uptake we’ve had since the BusVic conference and the Expo in 2022 has created momentum that we’re taking into 2023,” Campbell says.

Yet Challenger’s 2023 evolution won’t just be limited to vehicles. In 2022, the manufacturer developed bases in Brisbane and Perth to go with its Melbourne depot. With more growth expected for Challenger, it has its eyes on further expansion.

“In 2023 we’re now looking at sites in Sydney,” Campbell says. “We’re hoping for, and forecasting, significant growth for the Challenger brand next year.”

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