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Camira continues with moquette focus

More than 200 years in, Camira is using its unique moquette fabric to innovate in the transport seating game

As Camira’s core product for the bus and coach market, the word ‘moquette’ is used quite regularly. But what is it?

“Moquette, or plush velour, is derived from the French word for carpet,” Camira area business manager of APAC (transport) Rodney Peterson told ABC.

“It’s a woven pile fabric in which threads form a short dense cut or loop pile.”

Camira has made moquette its own, with its 85/15 per cent wool/ nylon composition being the trusted seat fabric option in all public transport modes.

Camira has expanded from its head office and core manufacturing facilities in Yorkshire, England, to its network of warehouse and distribution facilities in the USA, Australia, Lithuania, New Zealand, the Middle East, Europe and Asia Pacific.

Locally, Rodney Peterson and Joe Qi service all Australia bus and coach customers from its Melbourne facilities.

Peterson says moquette’s safe and durable nature has made it the perfect material to grow Camira over 200 years.


“The fabric has proven durability, is comfortable and has boundless design capabilities,” he says.

“Wool is natural, renewable and sustainable while having low flame, smoke and toxicity properties.”

Peterson insists Camira is more than just moquette, with its range of bus and coach fabrics including fabrics for curtains, walls, bulkheads, luggage racks and ancillary trimming, all tested to meet the latest technical and flammability standards.

Moquette is constantly being used in new projects and Camira is celebrating its 200-year anniversary with a revitalised Aura range and a technological breakthrough for its Camira Print moquette product. Its introduction of anti-COVID Staysafe fabric and anti-stain, anti-bacteria Defender is also playing an important role in the safety and comfort of passengers.

“At Camira we pride ourselves on having 200 years of manufacturing history,” Peterson says.

“We’ll continue enjoying the strong relationships we have with Australia’s bus and coach industry.”

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