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BYD expands its presence in Australia ahead of 2024

After a busy 2023 saw BYD finally establish its own Commercial Vehicles business in Australia, 2024 will see the global powerhouse bring more new energy technology to local operators

It’s been a whirlwind 2023 for BYD in Australia. As one of the world’s leading electric bus and battery manufacturers, it has been a major player in the global automotive industry since the early 2000s.

In 2023, BYD took the leap in Australia and established its own BYD Commercial Vehicles business with a greater determination in bringing the latest innovations to Australia while servicing the local market.

In Australia, BYD has 200 buses on the road after partnering with major operators in Transit Systems, Ventura and Kinetic, just to name a few.

Its main model currently on Australian roads is its enduring D9RA chassis. BYD Australia commercial vehicles director Jon Tozer says a major benefit of the chassis is that the E-Drive components are all built by BYD.

“The D9RA chassis includes all BYD integral products – we’re the only manufacturer that manufactures the electric batteries, motors and the control systems for our chassis,” Tozer told ABC.

“It means the chassis is a one-stop shop solution as a low-floor city bus model.”

This has allowed BYD to enhance its local aftersales network support in Australia, as it is able to help with any service or technical issues within the BYD chassis. With two locations currently in Melbourne and Sydney, BYD is in the midst of increasing its support capabilities for other jurisdictions.

Yet the next year is about to heat up for BYD after entrenching itself within the Australian market. In 2024, BYD will release a new range of electric bus models including the Blade Battery chassis extending to a city, school and midi bus.

“The new city bus chassis will feature a greater seating capacity, longer range and a lighter weight,” Tozer says.

“With a new flat wire motor, it’ll have improved efficiencies for operators.”

The model is expected to be available in quarter three, 2024. Tozer will be on hand to push the second BYD electric bus chassis into Australia, using his more than 35 years of experience in the industry.

The BYD Australia commercial vehicles director will keep paving the way for the major manufacturer to eventually bring the latest generation of BYD Blade Battery Technology to Australia, including the Blade Battery integrating within the chassis structure.

“This is an incredible model and is one tonne lighter than our current chassis and has batteries located under the floor to provide several benefits,” Tozer says.

Although this latest generation of chassis won’t be in Australia until 2026, Tozer is looking to lay the foundations so that BYD’s electric roadmap continues to impress the Australian market.

What to look forward to in 2024

With the new electric Blade Battery chassis on the way, there’s plenty for BYD Australia to be excited about in 2024. Alongside the new chassis, Tozer’s focus is on supporting customers after the delivery of BYD’s modern commercial vehicle models.

“In 2024, with the new chassis coming to Australia, it will be a major milestone for us,” Tozer says.

“We are looking forward to greater engagement and presence in the market and having BYD collaborate with government and industry.”

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