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BYD celebrates pole position in global new energy vehicle market

A massive year for the BYD brand in 2023 has been rewarded with record-breaking global new energy vehicle sales. Now, a new partnership will allow BYD to spread its environmental ethos on the big stage in 2024

There were many factors behind 2023 being a milestone year for global electric vehicle technology company BYD. It continued to expand in its variety of industries, from new energy vehicles such as zero-emissions buses, coaches and cars, to rail transit, renewable energy and electronics.

In a local sphere, it also successfully turned its focus to Australasia, establishing a new factory-backed Commercial Vehicles Division in both Australia and New Zealand to target the market.

Yet its greatest achievement wasn’t realised until the year came to an end. In January, BYD was crowned the global leader in new energy vehicle sales after amassing a record-breaking three million annual sales.

“With more than 29 years of accelerated growth, BYD is the global leader in new energy vehicles,” BYD Australia Commercial Vehicles Director Jon Tozer told ABC.

“BYD concluded 2023 by becoming the global leader in new energy vehicle sales, which is incredible considering we have expanded to more than 400 cities located in 70 countries and across six continents.”

It’s the second year running that BYD has topped the charts after also securing the top spot on the global new energy vehicle (NEV) sales leaderboard in 2022. Yet 2023 was different for BYD, as it was also listed among the global top 10 companies for car sales for the first time.

In the Chinese market, BYD continued to remain a powerhouse, once again securing its spot as the best-selling car brand and manufacturer in the nation.

The new energy vehicle milestone was secured in December, where 341,043 units, a 45 per cent increase for the brand, pushed the total vehicle sales for the year over to 3,024,417. In a 61.9 per cent increase from 2022, BYD’s commitment to only produce new energy vehicles paid off on the global stage.

A key part of this is in BYD’s globalisation strategy. In 2023, BYD’s international market presence increased as exports grew by 334.2 per cent to 242,765 units. Originally founded in 1995 as a rechargeable battery manufacturer for the likes of Nokia, Apple, Dell, Toshiba, Microsoft, Samsung, Motorola and more, Tozer says it’s a rapid rise for the growing brand.

“BYD remains committed to leveraging technological innovations for a better life,” Tozer says.

“We’re also going to continue offering the Australian market with new energy vehicles that are at the forefront of safety, technology and innovation.”

Image: BYD

The annual results come at the right time for BYD. It has just recently completed its brand matrix, including the Dynasty series, Ocean series, DENZA, FANGCHENGBAO and YANGWANG vehicle models. Tozer says it’s this diversity of new energy vehicles that is helping BYD to continue improving its sales numbers each year.

Some of these new models have been BYD’s biggest sellers, with the Dynasty and Ocean series collectively recording 2,877,353 sales for the year. On top of this, the YANGWANG and FANGCHENGBAO both received positive market responses following its release in China in 2023.

With a vision of cooling the Earth by one degree Celsius, BYD isn’t intent on slowing down its new energy vehicle production. In 2024, BYD will continue spreading its sustainability message after becoming the official e-mobility partner of UEFA Euro 2024, the football championship tournament for European countries.

It’s the first time BYD will be an e-mobility partner with UEFA in its history and provides a grand opportunity to showcase its zero-emissions vehicles to the world.

“BYD, as the global new energy vehicles leader, is proud to be the official partner and e-mobility partner of UEFA 2024,” Tozer says.

Image: BYD

“It’s a ground-breaking partnership with UEFA that marks the first ever sponsorship deal with a new energy vehicle manufacturer in the Championship’s history.”

The European tournament will allow BYD to help UEFA organise a greener and more sustainable tournament, bringing together a major global sporting event with its commitment to environmental responsibility.

With UEFA Euro 2024 taking place across 10 German stadiums from June 14 to July 14 this year, BYD will provide a diverse range of new energy vehicles to various stakeholders throughout the month-long tournament.

At selected venues, BYD will showcase its latest electric models and cutting-edge new energy technologies while also establishing its presence at official fan zones.

BYD Europe Managing Director Michael Shu says the partnership gives BYD the chance to highlight its latest advancements in electric vehicles to a far-reaching audience.

“Significantly, the partnership underlines BYD’s brand commitment to reducing carbon emissions for a greener future, for which UEFA Euro 2024 will provide an influential voice,” Shu says.

For Tozer and the BYD Australian team, this global news forms the start of what he hopes will be another fruitful and exciting year for BYD. Locally, BYD will also be present for its first industry expo event since establishing its Australian Commercial Vehicles Division when the Bus Industry Confederation’s (BIC) National Bus & Coach Show kicks off on September 17 in Brisbane.

Alongside these crucial events, Tozer is looking to spread BYD’s global success to the Australasian market.

“The partnership between BYD and UEFA aligns with our ethos of providing world-leading new energy vehicles and advanced technologies to accelerate the transition to e-mobility,” Tozer says.

“The BYD Australian team is excited about what 2024 has in store for our brand.”

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